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Test what you remember about the television show Alice?

What job is Alice’s dream job?

“I am a singer. And I’m saving my night time energy towards getting another singing job.”


What is the name of Alice’s son?

Alfred Lutter III played Tommy in the pilot episode of Alice as a carryover from the movie. However, he was replaced by Philip McKeon.


Mel’s Diner is located near which city?

Mel’s Diner was based on an actual restaurant located at 1747 NW Grand Ave in Phoenix, Arizona.


Which company produced Alice?

The pilot episode was not taped at Warner Brothers, but the rest of the series was.


Upon which movie was the series based?

In the movie, Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, Alice’s husband had been abusive. The television changed this so that Alice would be a character with whom most women could identify.


What was the name of the theme song?

There’s a New Girl in Town was sung by Linda Lavin and went through several arrangements throughout the show. David Shire wrote the music for it, and Alan and Marilyn Bergman wrote the lyrics.


What was Mel’s name for Vera?

“It’s a great day, we finally get to meet a relative of Vera’s.” “Yeah, Dingy and Aunt Dinghy.”


Which actress played Isabelle “Belle” Dupree?

Diane Ladd originally played the character Flo in the movie that started the series. When Polly Holiday (who played Flo on the show) left the show, the character Belle took her place and allowed Ladd to reprise her role under a different name.


What does the sign on the cash register say?

Although the rule was “No checks cashed,” Vera cashed one that bounced and Mel almost made her clean his apartment.


What sarcastic comment did Flo frequently use to respond to others?

“Kiss my grits” was an ad-lib that became a popular catchphrase. Flo’s character was so popular; Polly Holiday was able to do a spin off show based on it.


The sign on Mel’s diner advertised what size coffee cup?

A producer found the sign while scouting around Phoenix, and the owner of the diner agreed to change the name for the opening shot.


What was the name of the man Alice dressed up as some times?

Alice dressed as Sam Butler whenever they needed a mobster friend to help get them out of trouble.


What did the series regular, Henry Beesmeyer, do for a living?

“It started out like any other morning. I was on pole 52 making a repair. When suddenly out of the west came a flock of starlings. Birds to the right of me. Birds to the left of me.” “Birds flying over you.”


Who directed most of the episodes of Alice?

In addition to Alice, Marc Daniels (January 27, 1912 – April 23, 1989) directed the first episodes of I Love Lucy.


What food did Mel make that he guarded the recipe for?

“If he left his chili to burn, it had to be something awfully important.”


What was Henry Beesmeyer’s wife’s name?

Chloe (played by Ruth Buzzi) was frequently mentioned on the series but only appeared once in “Henry’s Bitter Half,” which aired January 4, 1981.


What was Alice’s last name?

“My name is Alice Hyatt, H-Y-A-T-T…”


The pay phone inside the diner moved several times. Where was the final place it was located?

The telephone began next to the restrooms, then moved to just outside the kitchen, and finally ended up by the diner door.


Which branch of the military did Mel serve in?

“Hey, what is the big deal? I joined the Navy and look how I turned out.”


Which actress played Alice in the television series?

Linda Lavin (b. October 15, 1937) won two Golden Globes for her performance as Alice and was nominated a third time.


When others disagree with Mel what does he tell them to do?

“Oh, stow it, Alice.”


Which cooking utensil does Mel frequently carry in his hand and threaten people with?

Melvin Emory Sharples wore a white, Navy beanie and a white, stained T-shirt and frequently carried a metal spatula around.


Which waitress did Elliot Novak, the police officer, marry?

“Vera Gorman.” “Oh that’s right! I’m glad you reminded me. Here’s your ticket. If not paid with in ten days you’ll be subject to fine and or arrest. Pick you up at 7.”


Earl Hicks, the basketball coach for Alice’s son, was a regular character portrayed by David Madden. David Madden was better known for his role in which show that aired prior to Alice?

David Madden played Reuben Kincaid, the Partridge Family’s manager and agent.


Why didn’t Vera have a driver’s license?

“I’d drive to Florida, and blammo! I’m in traction.” “Why?” “I don’t know how to drive.”


Celia Weston played which role?

Celia Weston was hired in the as Jolene Hunnicutt, who replaced Belle as a waitress after Lavin and Ladd reportedly could not get along.


Which television show was a spin-off of Alice?

Flo left Mel’s Diner in season 4 to start her own business and ended up buying a roadhouse in her hometown of Fort Worth, Texas, which she named Flo’s Yellow Rose. The series did okay in the first season ratings but only lasted two seasons after it was moved to an earlier time slot.


The diner was decorated in which theme?

The Southwestern theme was strong in the first season, but then became less prominent as only the wallpaper changed to show various Southwestern items such as cowboys and cactus.


What was Mel’s mother’s name?

Carrie Sharples always wanted to cook and always made food the customers liked better than Mel’s food.


In what year did the pilot first air?

The pilot episode of Alice aired August 31, 1976. It featured many of the plot devices and some of the actors from the movie that quickly changed by episode 2.


Patrick Cranshaw was a regular on the show during its early days playing an old pervert who was a diner regular named what?

Patrick Crenshaw (June 17, 1919 – December 28, 2005) had appeared on over 50 television shows and in several movies including Air Bud and Old School.


What is the name of the apartments where Alice and her son live?

In the opening credits, you can see the sign for Desert Sun Apartments as their car is being towed away.


What shape are the creamers on the tables at Mel’s?

Although they were used throughout the show, Mel gave each of the girls one of the cow-shaped creamers in the final episode (“Th-th-th-that’s All Folks” on March 19, 1985) with a check in it for $5000.


Which actor played Mel?

Victor Tayback (January 6, 1930 – May 25, 1990) was the only actor who played the same roll (Mel Sharples) in both the movie and the entire television series. He also was the only actor to make a guest appearance on the spin-off series, Flo.


Prior to arriving at the diner, Jolene did what for a living?

Jolene Hunnicutt who first appeared in “The Great Escape” (March 15, 1981) was a truck driver when she first came to Mel’s Diner. She fought with her driving partner because he couldn’t keep his hands off her.


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