Acura or Hyundai: Only 1 in 20 People Can Correctly Identify the Make of These Vehicles! Can You?

By: Kennita Leon
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Acura and Hyundai may hail from the same continent, but they are totally different when we get down to specifics. To some, all cars may look alike, which is why we've got a series of quizzes testing your knowledge to see if you can tell us the makes of certain vehicles. To make it easier for you, we've chosen two brands and it's your job to correctly guess which one comes from which company. To help you out a bit, here's some history of the two brands. 

Acura is a Japanese luxury marque whose parent company happens to be Honda. It is the first luxury car brand in Japan and became a top-seller in the United States. Acura is known for its precision, which is why it has many slogans speaking of just that- and one of the reasons why it sold over 150, 000 models last year. Hyundai, on the other hand, is Korean and is the third largest auto manufacturer in the world. They own Genesis Motors and a portion of Kia Motors and own the largest manufacturing facility of any other auto brand. 

Now that you know a bit more about the two companies, it's time to see whether you've got the chops to ace this quiz. Let's find out right now!

The Acura ARX-02a was Acura's second Le Mans Prototype, which was created to compete in the LMP1 category of the American Le Mans Series.

The Hyundai Elantra, also marketed as the Hyundai Avante in South Korea, is a front-engine, front-wheel-drive compact car of which there are six generations produced to date.

The Acura RL, which succeeded the Acura Legend, is full-size luxury sedan which was launched in 1995 and discontinued in 2012.

The Hyundai Curb, which was revealed at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show, is a technology-loaded concept car which was created to attract younger customers.

The Acura RSX, officially marketed as the Honda Integra DC5, was a sports coupe which was produced during the fourth and final generation of the Honda Integra.

This compact luxury crossover SUV, which began its first generation in 2016, is characterized by its 4-door, front-engine, front-wheel/all-wheel-drive layout.

In 2005, Hyundai's Neos 3 concept car, a sporty-looking SUV with a unique style, was shown for the first time at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Officially marketed as the Honda Legend, this executive car was launched in 2013 for the 2014 model year as the replacement of the 1995 – 2012 Aura RL.

The Hyundai Sonata, of which there are seven model generations, is a mid-size car/4-door sedan which has been in a near-continuous production since its debut in 1985.

This purpose-built race car is Acura's very first Le Mans Prototype which made its debut at the 2007 American Le Mans Series.

Also referred to as the HND-7, the Hexa Space is a family friendly concept car with several unique features including eight slim, hexagonally-shaped seats.

This sports compact, which was also sold as the Honda Integra and the Rover 416i, was produced for nearly 21 years from 1985 to 2006.

Production for this mid-size luxury crossover was discontinued in 2013, four years after its debut in 2009.

The Hyundai Accent, also known as the Hyundai Verna, is a subcompact car which, since its launch in 1994, has produced five generations to date.

Nearly 19 years after its launch, the Acura TL, a mid-size luxury car, was discontinued and replaced by the Acura TLX in 2012.

This mid-size luxury car made its first appearance as the TLX Prototype at the 2014 New York International Auto Show.

Designed by the Italian company Pininfarina, this multipurpose vehicle was manufactured from 2001 – 2007 in South Korea and from 2007 – 2010 in Turkey.

This subcompact executive vehicle is a re-badged Honda Civic which was replaced by the Acura CSX, eight years after its launch.

The Hyundai Tiburon, also sold as the Hyundai Coupe and the Hyundai Tuscani, is a two-door sports car which was produced for two model generations from 1996 to 2008.

The Acura NSX, a two-seater, mid-engine sports car, was produced from 1990 to 2005, and later relaunched in 2016 for its second generation.

This model, which has been in production since 2004, is a compact crossover SUV which was named after the city of Tucson, Arizona.

Marketed as the Honda Civic in Japan, this subcompact executive car was replaced by the Aura ILX in 2011, six years after production ended.

This two-door concept vehicle was constructed from 85% post-consumer plastic waste, making it lighter and almost completely recyclable.

Designs for this subcompact executive car, which is still in production, were based on the ninth-generation Civic Sedan.

Shortly after its discontinuation in 2011, this 3-door/5-door supermini was succeeded by the Hyundai i20 and the Hyundai Accent.

Designed in Russelsheim, Germany, this concept car features a variety of gasoline and diesel engines, including a gas-electric hybrid.

In 1997, this Honda model was launched in the US under the Acura brand, with a limited 320 units available.

This full-sized limousine was manufactured by Hyundai from 1999 to 2016 over two model generations.

Since its debut in 2000, this front-engine, all-wheel drive has won many awards including the 2001 "North American Truck of the Year."

The Santa Fe is compact crossover SUV which began production in 2000 and is set to begin its fourth model generation in 2019.

Production for this compact car ran from 1981 until 1995, when it was later on succeeded by the Acura TL in the United States and Canada.

This entry-level luxury car was launched in 2003 for the 2004 model year and later discontinued in 2014.

Also marketed as the Hyundai ix55 in Europe and Russia, the Hyundai Veracruz is a mid-size crossover which was manufactured for six years from 2006 – 2012.

Now into its second generation, this four-door, the five-passenger luxury sedan has been constructed by Hyundai since 2008.

The Acura SLX is a slightly modified and re-badged Isuzu Trooper which was sold only in the United States from 1995 to 1999.

This sports compact, which recently began its second generation in 2018, was launched in 2011 as the successor of the Hyundai Tiburon.

This sports compact, which recently began its second generation in 2018, was launched in 2011 as the successor of the Hyundai Tiburon.

This full-size luxury sedan-mid-size coupe was manufactured for 20 years over two model generations.

The Hyundai Entourage, which was produced from 2006 – 2009, is a re-badged version of the Kia Carnival 4-door minivan.

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