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What's 2 x 2? Who's the author of Romeo and Juliet? If you answered 4 and William Shakespeare, you could probably attribute this knowledge to your formal education, whether it ended with high school, college, or post-graduate. But what about knowledge beyond the classroom? High school classes such as home economics try to prepare students for basic necessities like sewing and cooking, but about life beyond a needle and thread and pots and pans?

As students, many people spend 12+ years in formal education. Throughout that time, you were learning math, science, history, grammar and more as a means to prepare for your future career. Whether you went into the work force immediately following high school or chose to further your education with undergraduate, graduate, or even doctoral degrees, did your courses prepare you for life as an adult? 

Millennials have coined the world "adulting" to mean a responsible person who is able to complete the normal tasks that most adults do. While this usually includes going to work, there's much more to life! When it comes to taxes, what form should you give your employer and what month should your taxes be filed by? How often should you get an oil change? What two numbers are printed at the bottom of a check? These are all basic life skills and knowledge that every adult should have. 

Can you prove that you're ready to "adult" by passing this test? Let's find out!

By what month should you have your income taxes filed?

Everyone in the United States should have their income tax complete in April. Although the specific date usually changes from year to year, it is always near April 15.


When looking at the bottom of a check, which number always comes first?

When looking at the bottom of a check, the routing number always comes first. This is followed by account number and the check number.


What is the hole in a needle called?

A needle is obviously a necessity for something like sewing. If you've been wondering what the hole in a needle is called, it is called the eye.


Full Windsor, Kelvin and four-in-hand are all ways to tie what?

There are thousands of ways to tie a tie, but some are more famous than others. Another popular one is the Bow-Tie Knot.


What is the name of the bowl with holes that you use to wash vegetables and fruit?

A colander is a bowl, usually made of metal or plastic, that has holes in it. While it also separates liquids from solids like a strainer, it is a bowl that many use for washing fruit and vegetables.


What's the correct order of letters on an automatic transmission?

If you're looking at an automatic transmission, you'll notice that on all cars, the order is the same. It's PRND, for Park, Reverse, Neutral and Drive.


Which of the following materials will definitely shrink in the dryer?

When it comes to doing your own laundry, you should definitely be aware of what kinds of fabric need special care. Cotton may shrink in the dryer, depending on whether or not it was pre-shrunk. Also be careful with linen and silk.


The "Wage and Tax Statement" is also known as what form?

The W-2 is a crucial form when filing taxes. It is a form received from an employer that tracks your salary as well as the amount of taxes withheld from your paycheck.


What is the lowest your credit score can be?

If you got this wrong, let's hope it's because your credit is great, but it's good to know what you're running from. The lowest your credit score could possibly be is 300.


What's the highest your credit score can be?

Everyone should try to achieve good credit! A good credit score is considered 700 and above, but if you have a credit score of 800 or more, that's excellent.


On average, how many hours of sleep should an adult get?

It is recommended that adults get, on average, eight hours of sleep each night.


If you're trying to jump start a car with red and black cables, is the red cable positive or negative?

If you're dealing with black and red jumper cables, the black cable is negative and the red cable is positive. You must attach them to the corresponding battery terminal.


Regardless of whether you're working on a MAC or PC, if you want to highlight the entire text on a page, what letter would you press on the keyboard?

While MAC and PCs vary between Command and Control, you have to press the letter A to highlight all the text on a page.


When writing a business letter, whose address should go first?

Writing a business letter is something you'll probably have to do in your lifetime. The address of the sender should always come before the address of the receiver.


How long is pregnancy?

A full-term pregnancy is actually 39 to 41 weeks. If a baby is born at 36 weeks or earlier, it is actually considered premature.


How often should you change your oil?

While you might get varying answers, in general, most car owners are told to get an oil change every 3 months or every 3,000 miles. This is a controversial issue, however.


What is the BAC legal limit for driving?

In the entire United States, a 0.8% blood alcohol concentration is the legal limit for driving under the influence. Of course, you should never drive after having a drink!


Which of the following things would you NOT find on your driver's license?

There's quite a bit of information on a Driver's License. You'd find your license number, address, date of birth height, eye color and gender.


The "P" in CPR is related to what organ?

CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The world "pulmonary" means relating to the lungs. CPR is a great life-saving skill to learn!


If you're driving a petrol car, which of the following should you NOT put in your gas tank?

If you have a petrol car, STAY AWAY FROM DIESEL. Diesel fuel will seriously damage your car and potentially make it irreparable.


If you want a 50" flat screen TV, how would you get that measurement?

While many people think the inches on a TV come from the width, it is actually the diagonal measurement of the TV screen.


Which of the following is not a red wine?

If you're a wine drinker, it might be useful to know the difference between reds and whites.


Which of the following beds is smallest?

A twin bed is the smallest bed listed here. A twin bed is around 38 inches wide and 75 inches long.


What does APR stand for when dealing with money?

APR is the annual percentage rate. You might see this acronym used when dealing with car loans or credit cards.


What is the chemical in bleach that is responsible for making clothes whiter?

Bleach is a chemical mixture that is used to make clothes whiter and brighter. One of the main ingredients in bleach is hydrogen peroxide. Bleach is very harsh and should be handled carefully.


True or False: When writing a formal letter, you may use contractions.

Contractions like don't, wouldn't, can't and shouldn't are considered informal speech. They shouldn't be part of a formal letter.


Which of the following should you not keep in your car while driving?

When driving, you should always have your license, registration and proof of insurance on you. It is not recommended that you keep your title on you. If you car were stolen, the thief would have the necessary information to sell your car.


How many digits should your routing number be?

In the United States, you'll find that account numbers can vary in number, but your bank routing number will always be nine digits.


According to the USDA, if you're making a proper meal, how many different food groups should it include?

For a balanced meal, you should have five food groups in your meal. They are grains, protein, fruit, vegetables and dairy.


What Microsoft Office program would you use to create a spreadsheet?

Microsoft Office comes with tons of different programs, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, Outlook and more. If you want to make a spreadsheet, choose Excel.


How many times a year should you go to the dentist?

Unless you're dealing with serious dental conditions, most dentists recommend that their patients schedule a cleaning every six months.


When writing a resume, should your experience go from past to present or present to past?

When listing your experience on a resume, your current or most recent position should always go first. Continue in reverse order, timewise. Consider omitting positions from long ago, especially if they're not relevant to your current career path.


If you combine two twin beds, you'll get the same width as what other bed?

A twin bed is 38 inches wide and 75 inches long. If you combine two twin beds, you'll have around the same width as a king bed. However, a true king bed is 80 inches long.


When leaving a tip at a restaurant, which of the following is not considered a "normal" amount?

While patrons usually battle between 15, 18, and 20% tips based on the service, a 10% tip is considered low.


When setting a table, what side of the plate should the forks go on?

When properly setting a table, the forks should go on the left. Knives and spoon should be placed on the right.


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