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When your body contains clues to FBI-level crimes, you're a wanted woman. Blindspot tries to unravel the identity of a mysterious woman who has lost her memory and the clues contained in the tattoos covering her body. What does it all mean? Find out when you take this revealing trivia quiz.

What is the character name of the tattooed woman?

Jaimie Alexander Is the actress who portrays "Jane Doe", an unidentified woman found naked and amnesiac in Times Square. Jane is then kept in FBI protective custody as an investigation proceeds into her identity. Jaimie Alexander is well known for portraying Jessi on the TV series Kyle XY and Sif in the 2011 superhero film Thor, as well as its 2013 sequel, Thor: The Dark World, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


What is the name of the FBI agent who is called in to investigate Jane's mysterious appearance and her tattoos?

Sullivan Stapleton portrays Special Agent Kurt Weller, an FBI agent who is called into the investigation when his name is found mysteriously tattooed on Jane's body. Sullivan Stapleton is an Australian actor who is best known for his roles in the SKY (BSkyB)/Cinemax/HBO television series Strike Back, the 2010 Sundance Film Festival selection Animal Kingdom and the film Kill Me Three Times.


What is the name of the unit that investigates Jane Doe's tattoos?

Special Agent Kurt Weller is an FBI agent and head of the FBI Critical Incident Response Group. It is revealed in the Season One finale that he has been promoted to head of the FBI's New York branch after Mayfair's disappearance.


Why does Special Agent Weller imagine that Jane Doe is tattooed with his name?

Weller thinks Jane is his missing childhood friend Taylor Shaw and becomes very protective, due to having never recovered from the pain and guilt he suffers from her disappearance. However, it goes against his gut instincts that she is alive because he has always believed that his father killed Taylor Shaw.


What is one of the goals of the conspiracy behind Jane's tattoos?

So far the goals are two-fold. Provide clues that point to crimes committed by the members of the FBI and discredit specific people in the agency itself. In addition, another goal is accomplished when Agent Weller is promoted to head of the FBI's New York branch after Mayfair's disappearance, as it eliminates less ethical potential candidates.


What is the name of the other male Special Agent who is part of the FBI Critical Response Group?

Although the other options are part of the FBI or CIA, the only FBI Special Agent is Edgar Reade. Edgar, portrayed by Rob Brown is an FBI agent and member of Kurt's team who has doubts about Jane's inclusion on the team and expresses skepticism of Kurt's willingness to follow the information from Jane's tattoos so quickly. Rob Brown is known for his roles in the films Finding Forrester (2000), Coach Carter (2005), Take the Lead (2006), and The Express (2008), and for starring in the HBO series Treme (2010-13).


Why is there tension between Edgar Reade and Kurt Weller?

Edgar Reade is in love with Kurt's sister, Sarah, but broke up with her not only because Kurt demanded it, but because Reade feared for Sarah's safety. What happened is that Reade was trying to investigate Jane's background and doing so, compelled one of the conspirators behind Jane's tattoos to threaten Sarah and Sarah's son unless Reade backed off.


Which character has a secret gambling addiction?

Audrey Esparza portrays Special Agent Natasha "Tasha" Zapata, an FBI agent and member of Kurt's team, .who has a gambling addiction and severe debt. This gambling addiction was caused by guilt from the death of her partner while with the NYPD. However, she hides her addiction well from her coworkers.


Who helps Tasha pay off her gambling debt?

Tom Carter, Deputy Director of the CIA, pays off Zapata's gambling debts and demands all the FBI's information about Jane in return%0DTasha ultimately decides to pay her gambling debts by giving the money she got from Carter to her bookie. She tells him that she's out and doesn't want to bet anymore.%0DCarter demands Tasha keep delivering more information about Jane, by placing a bug in Jane's safe house, but she doesn't.


At a moment’s notice, which agent can get her hands on the information the team needs.

JosAshley Johnson portrays Special Agent Patterson, who is head of the FBI Forensic Science Unit. She is also responsible for studying and identifying Jane's tattoos. JosAshley is best known for her roles as Chrissy Seaver in the sitcom Growing Pains and for playing the daughter of Mel Gibson's character in What Women Want.


Although she has amnesia, Jane does have flashbacks to her past life, what does she think she was?

Despite lacking conscious memories, Jane occasionally has flashbacks to her past life and retains a wide variety of combat and language skills. It is suspected she is a former Navy SEAL, whose identity is classified due to involvement in special operations.


Why was Weller so fixated on Jane being Taylor Shaw?

Based on a familiar scar on the back of her neck and a DNA test, Jane was believed to be Taylor Shaw, Kurt Weller's neighbor and childhood friend, who vanished 25 years ago and was presumed deceased. Later in the series the real Taylor Shaw was confirmed to be dead when Agent Weller's father confessed to her murder on his deathbed. Kurt subsequently uncovered Taylor's remains in an old campsite they stayed in as children. Therefore the DNA test results were altered by the conspiracy changing the records of the Taylor Shaw case. Jane Doe's true identity is still unknown.


Who does Jane talk to, to assess her state of mind?

Ukweli Roach plays Dr. Robert Borden, an FBI psychiatrist who helps Jane in retrieving and understanding her past memories. Besides acting, Roach is an accomplished dancer, being the Artistic Director of dance company Birdgang, touring with the 'Blaze' international Hiphop dance show and appearing in pop videos with Mariah Carey and Kylie Minogue. He also starred in the cinema film 'Streetdance 3D' but came to a wider audience with his first big TV role playing Tom Greening, a lawyer who also happens to be an angel in drama series 'Eternal Law'.


What is Assistant Director Mayfair mixed up in?

Marianne Jean-Baptiste plays Bethany Mayfair, Assistant Director In Charge of the FBI's New York Field Office. Mayfair is directly in charge of Kurt and his team, for whom Mayfair acts as an ally and mentor. She was once the FBI contact for Operation Daylight, a program to use illegally obtained information and present it as coming from faked informants; it is hinted that Jane's tattoos have some connection to Daylight.


How does Mayfair get framed for murder?

After Mayfair is framed for murder due to evidence Jane was manipulated into planting (switching her fountain pen), Mayfair is shot by Oscar just as Mayfair discovers Jane is in a safe house used by the conspiracy. Marianne Jean Baptise is an English actress, singer-songwriter, composer and director, best known for her roles as Hortense Cumberbatch in Secrets & Lies (1996), for which she was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, and as Vivian Johnson on the American television series Without a Trace.


There is one tattoo that is covered up, not on display like the others, which tattoo was covered up?

The Navy Seal tattoo was covered up. Once it was found Jane Doe knew a bit more of her background. It is rumored Jaimie Alexander must sit in the makeup chair for 7 1/2 hours to have all the elaborate tattoos applied to her body for each day's shooting.


Jane is constantly surprised about her abilities; what did Chinese viewers especially like about her abilities?

Chinese viewers were pleasantly surprised to find that Jane Doe is fluent in a dialect of Mandarin Chinese called Wenzhou Hua, which is infamously difficult to understand. Even other Mandarin Chinese speakers struggle with it.


What was the first tattoo identified?

The first tattoo was easy to interpret it said "Kurt Weller FBI". Since Jamie suffers from a drug-induced amnesia, she doesn't know who she is. At the FBI laboratory, they can neither identify her, nor does Kurt know her, making her a Jane Doe. For the first episode Jane Doe is found in Times Square. To get a real effect Times Square was shut off just so they could film the scene.


Which of these are flashbacks that Jane had?

Jane remembers running a shooting course supervised by an unknown man. This man also appears at the hospital to kill a terrorist. A flashback shows how the same man has given Jane the amnesia drug at her request. As the series continues she has more flashback including being haunted by flashbacks of killing a nun. She suffers from remorse until she eventually remembers that it was really a disguised soldier from whom she took a USB key.


When does Patterson become suspicious of Mayfair?

Patterson finds the number of the redacted FBI case file of gang leader Saúl Guerrero, which was led by Mayfair, who pretends not to remember. When Patterson further pursues the redacted files, Mayfair states she is protecting agents in the field. However, when Mayfair is put under house arrest, Patterson says to Edgar and Tasha, “You were aiding and abetting Mayfair. Mayfair! I am happy to aid and abet Mayfair.”


Patterson's boyfriend solves a puzzle on a photo of one of Jane's tattoos. What is Patterson's boyfriend's name?

Mayfair finds out about David and reprimands Patterson for giving a civilian access to classified information. Afraid, Patterson breaks up with David, who desperately wants to reunite. Later, David notices a person looking through a book of codes they had found together and follows them. After being led into an alley, David is found dead.


Who water boards Jane?

She is kidnapped by Carter who water boards her for information, causing her to remember that he is connected to "Orion." Carter has tried to harm her before. When Mayfair met with Carter to discuss the secret operation "Daylight" they agree that whoever tattooed Jane must have known about the operation. However, only four people knew about it and one is dead. Carter demands Mayfair make the situation go away. When Carter feels that Mayfair hasn't done what is needed, he shows up on site and is stopped by Mayfair from shooting Jane. Another time Carter demands Mayfair give him Jane for interrogation. Mayfair denies Carter, which is why Carter kidnaps Jane on his own accord and water boards her.


What happens to Jane when she gets water boarded?

She is saved by the man with the tree tattoo who shows Jane a video revealing that "she" is the person who orchestrated everything, including her own memory loss. The character's name is Oscar and as the series moves forward He asks Jane to replace Mayfair's pen with a duplicate.


What did David do before his death?

After some encouragement from Dr. Borden, Patterson goes on a one-year anniversary dinner which was pre-planned by David. She took David's last crossword puzzle he created, with her. Speaking to a phantom of David, she solves the crossword puzzle which reveals a hidden message that he had solved another tattoo before his death. The message "Got One Patterson" really did appear in the NY Times Crossword Puzzle on April 4, 2016 (Same as the episode's airdate). The crossword was created by David Kwong who intentionally created the message as a tie-in to the show.


Why does Jane refuse to be Oscar's asset in the FBI?

Jane refuses to be Oscar's asset in the FBI. She knows the FBI team are good, decent people and the cases they solve saves thousands of lives. Oscar warns that the people in charge will kill Weller if she doesn't cooperate. So far she has switched out Mayfair's pen and put a tracker inside the team's vehicle.


Besides being in love with Weller's sister what else do we know about Reade?

Zapata solves a tattoo which leads the team to Hudson University on a seemingly worthless mission to uncover scholarship fraud. Once they arrive on campus, a shooter starts a rampage. The team eventually apprehends the perpetrators who are revealed to be former football players abused by their coach, with whom Reade is close. Although he was a football player with the same coach, he was never abused.


There was an autistic girl that had a drawing of one of Jane's tattoos. Which tattoo?

Dr. Borden consults on the case of an autistic girl who draws extremely detailed sketches, one of which matches one of Jane's tattoos the burning rose. The girl turns out to be the daughter of the leader of a terrorist group and her sketches provide valuable intelligence. When the girl's mother is murdered, the team takes her to Dr. Borden's aunt's cabin to protect her. There, they stop a group of men who come to kill her.


Why was Oscar going to wipe Jane's memory again?

Although they all sound correct, Oscar tells her the real reason. According to Oscar, "The mission can't continue like this. Our relationship is too compromised. So... I've decided to start from scratch." Jane Doe: [Oscar opens a medicine kit] "Oscar..."
Oscar: "I'm sorry. I have to wipe your memory again."


Although her memory was going to be erased, she asked questions and got answers. What did she find out about the plan?

Oscar said in Phase One the team wanted Mayfair out and didn't want her replaced by someone worse. The tattoos would give Kurt so many wins, he'd be the clear successor. And with Taylor Shaw in place right next to him, Kurt would be controllable. Taylor was never supposed to have those flashbacks, though. Oscar said, “Marcos was obviously a little too conservative with the dose. I won't make that mistake again, either.”


Who said this? “It’s better to have ten guns when you only need one then the other way around.”

Weller leads the team and would rather have his people be over prepared and safe, than at risk. Speaking of guns, in the episode, a Stray Howl, Jane impressed Weller when she was able to demonstrate Gun Safety in the FBI's New York office after she gets a hold of a M4A1.


What is it about Jane’s identify that really rattles Weller?

Weller is rattled when Patterson tells him that according to her findings with Jane's tooth, she was possibly born in Africa and not in North America. This is contrary to the finding from the DNA lab in that Jane has an exact match to Taylor’s DNA, however, Taylor was not born in Africa.


When did the series start airing?

Since airing on September 21, 2015 Blindspot has received generally positive reviews from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes the review reads, "Blindspot is elevated by an intriguing mystery and enough strong action to propel most viewers into a necessary suspense of disbelief.” The show has aired for two seasons.


Is Mayfair a good guy or a bad guy?

All of the above. She was a reluctant participant in Daylight who watched as her girlfriend increasingly abused the program to advance her own political agenda. When the program went south, she considered coming clean about her involvement with it, but lost her girlfriend (who ended up killing herself). She always is standing up for her team no mater what. She can count on them having her back as well.


Why aren’t there any records of Jane if she was a Navy Seal, according to Mayfair?

Mayfair realizes that if there was a woman who was SEAL-trained it would be highly useful to keep that top secret. As a woman she there would be considerably less suspicion of her being a special forces operator. She and the government could take advantage of infiltrating otherwise unreachable groups.


Who said this? “You want me to trust you? Start listening to what I say. Earn it.”

Weller says this to Jane in the episode, Eight Slim Grins. If you think this is a weird name for an episode, it is. The name of the episodes are puzzles that the viewers can solve themselves. For instance, "Eight Slim Grins," is an anagram of "Authentic Flirt". These anagrams offer some major insight into what's happening on the show. You can go back to the names of all the episodes and unravel the anagram.


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