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Pokemon was developed in 1995 and has since exploded in popularity with TV shows, games, merchandising, and, of course, the Pokemon movies. If you're a Pokemon fan, do you think you can name all these Pokemon movies from a image? Gotta catch 'em all!

Mewtwo was actually created using high tech DNA splicing based on Mew. With a mindset bent only on defeating its foes, this genetically engineered Pokemon is perhaps the fiercest of all!

The three legendary bird Pokemon - Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos - are captured by Lawrence III (a self-styled Pokemon Collector). Ash collects magical spheres and with Lugia's help, he saves the world.

Molly's dreams and the Unown create a version of Entei - a legedary Pokemon. Although a figment of Molly's imagination, this Pokemon is still powerful enough to give Ash and his Pokemon a real challenge in battle.

This movie spans the seven days for which the millennium comet is visible. It is up to Ash and his Pokemon-loving friends to protect Jirachi - a legendary Pokemon - awaken by the comet. Jirachi is in danger of being used by Butler the Magician to awaken another legendary Pokemon - the destructive Groudon!

Damon's intentions to restore the Kingdom of the Vale are well-intended. His plans, however, could harm the Mythical Pokemon Victini and destroy the town of Eindoak. Ash needs the help of the legendary Deep Black Pokemon Zekrom to save the day.

Mewtwo learns that it and the cloned Pokemon have a right to exist as much as all the other natural Pokemon do. He also comes to realize that forgetting the past will not change the present, and makes the decision not to erase everyone's memory of the sequence of events.

Tory (who becomes one of Ash's friends) is initially afraid of all Pokemon. Luckily, by the end of the movie he has overcome his fear, and even tries to save the lovable pair of Plusle and Minun.

In order to protect the region, Hoopa is kept inside the Prison Bottle for 100 years and grows resentful of it. When released, Hoopa seeks revenge and a battle of amazing legendary Pokemon ensues.

Pikachu's Rescue Adventure is the Pikachu short movie that gets featured at the beginning of this full-length movie. In it, Pikachu and his Pokemon friends must rescue cute Togepi without getting into trouble themselves!

Ash befriends one of the Genesect but the rest of the Genesect Army want to have nothing to do with Ash, his friends or Mewtwo. With the help of Ash and Mewtwo, however, the Genesect Army is finally able to find a place to call "home."

It seems Professor Oak met Ash long before Ash met Professor Oak! Young Samuel Oak travels through time to have an adventure with Ash and friends. Celebi later returns him home, but he still has drawings of his time spent in the future.

Gotta Dance! (a Pikachu short that comes with this movie) features the Pokemon of Team Rocket being mean to a group of Whismur. Pikachu and friends arrive to help, but a hilarious situation develops thanks to Meowth's dancing baton which forces everyone to dance uncontrollably.

Just as Reshiram replaces Zekrom from the "White" version of this movie, so too does Gothitelle replace Reunjlus as Damon's pokemon of choice.

In the first movie "Mewtwo Strikes Back," Mewtwo erases Team Rocket's memory of everything that has taken place. It seems James has some recollection of it, however, as in "Mewtwo Returns" he makes the comment that "This is like the sequel to a movie I missed."

At first, Jirachi's wish-granting is more than Ash and his friends can handle. He teleports way too many snacks to Max, then "fixes" the problem by teleporting May into the pile of snacks when she yells at him.

Who wouldn't want to have a legendary Pokemon for a father. That's exactly what Molly gets when the Unown help her to create the world of her dreams. To top it off, she kidnaps Ash's mother to replace her own!

Ash is briefly possessed by an evil presence and becomes "Shadow Ash." Thanks to his "happy memories," however, he is able to overcome it and returns to normal.

The city of Alto Mare holds an annual Water Pokemon race where Ash meets the legendary Pokemon, Latias, for the first time. Since Latias is disguised as a girl racer, Ash has no idea who it really is!

In order to save the present Pokemon world from Arceus' rage, Ash and his friends travel back in time to set a story of betrayal straight. The events of the past begin to change the future and in the altered reality, fan-favorite Pikachu disappears!

Fans are treated to an almost continuous epic battle between legendary Pokemon in this movie. Several mysteries in this movie are not fully explained until the third Diamond & Pearl movie - Arceus and the Jewel of Life.

The Genesect Army were created by Team Plasma but they attacked their creators and went off in search of a home. They settle in New Tork City's Pokemon Hills (which closely resembles New York City's Central Park) but their presence threatens the city. Ash and the legendary Pokemon, Mewtwo, help them find a perfect home!

Kyurem has the powers of both Reshiram and Zekrom (from the Pokemon the Movie: White and Pokemon the Movie: Black double feature). As a result, he can become Black Kyurem and White Kyurem.

Jirachi's true eye can absorb energy from the Millennium Comet during its seven-day passage across the sky. Out of an entire millennium, these are the only seven days during which Jirachi is awake! The energy it has absorbed from the comet is then slowly released over the rest of the millennium.

Ash's aura closely matches that of Lucario's master, Aaron, from 1000 years ago. That's why when Ash held Aaron's staff, Lucario is able to be released from its protection.

Dahara City goes from being a tiny village to a booming city. Although Hoopa is responsible for Dahara City's prosperity, its presence soon threatens the city's very existence.

Giratina lives in the Reverse World and has the responsibility of helping to maintain reality in the Real World. The Reverse World has no solid ground. The "landscape" instead appears as a mirror image of itself.

Hoopa and the Clash of Ages is actually among the lowest grossing of all the Pokemon movies. Pokemon Heroes: Latios and Latias is the worst!

This movie's New Tork City is meant to resemble New York City. Its Pokemon Hills and Pokemon Center are based on Central Park and Tavern on the Green, respectively. There is also a scene reminiscent of Times Square.

The short film Pikachu & Pichu is released with this movie. It features Pikachu's whirlwind adventures in a Johto City after meeting the Pichu brothers.

The People of the Water built the Sea Tower which now holds the Sea Crown. Captain Phantom is determined to use the power of his super-human suit to capture Manaphy so that the Pokemon can help him to claim the Sea Crown.

Volcanion has come to rescue Magearna (a 500-year-old artificial and legendary Pokemon). By being forced to work with Ash, Volanion overcomes its hatred of humans as they rescue Magearna together.

Ash's good friend, Brock, is not one of the main characters in this movie. He is not left out completely, though, as we see him in background of Professor Oak's video conversations.

The bands that bond Ash to Volcanion are dissolved by Gulpin's acid. Even after this, however, Ash insists that he will remain with Volcanion to help in Magearna's rescue.

In Japanese theaters the short film PK27 ( Pokemon: Pikachu and the Pokemon Music Squad) is shown with this movie. In PK27, Pikachu and his friends prepare for a Berry Jubilee performance. In the end they are rewarded with a bountiful berry feast!

The Legendary Beast Trio - Entei, Raikou, and Suicune - have all made individual appearances in Pokemon movies, but this film marks the first time all three are featured at once.

The mechanical Azoth Kingdom is the setting for this movie. The city is protected by a large wall, a part of which can become a floating fortress when the need arises.

Thanks to this movie, Pokemon fans learn the first names of Ash's Mom (Delia), Professor Ivy (Philena) and Professor Oak (Samuel).

When Absol senses that Jirachi has awakened, he rushes to warn the heroes that danger is near. They, however, mistakenly think Absol is there to hurt them and Jirachi.

This is the final of a three-movie continued storyline that includes Arceus, Dialga and Palkia. It is also another movie in which Ash must travel back in time to preserve the present.

The Red Genesect is the leader of the group. He is colored more brightly than the others and can make them act against their will.

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