98% of people can't identify which scenes belongs to which Alien movie title! Can you?

By: J. Scott Wilson
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The Alien movie franchise is one of the most popular science fiction series in film history. Five Alien movies have been released, with rumors of more to come. If you consider yourself an Alien buff, how many scenes do you think you can pair with their movie titles? Take this quiz and find out!

This movie confused a lot of people, but true fans of Ridley Scott's style loved it. Prometheus was released in 2012.

This one is from Alien. Fun fact: The cast wasn't told what to expect when the first alien burst from Ash's chest in the dining hall. Ridley Scott wanted their honest reactions.

Aliens is the second film in the franchise. It was released in 1986.

Charlize Theron's icy corporate character was worth the price of admission for Prometheus. This one was released in 2012.

Alien 3 was something of a mess from the start, with multiple rewrites and an initial holdout by Weaver (cured by $11 million). It still did well at the box office, though.

This one is from the original Alien. The number of movies influenced by H.R. Giger's creation of the xenomorph is uncountable. He set the standard for what an "evil alien" looks like in movies.

Alien: Resurrection featured a cloned Ripley and a military plot to hatch and study aliens. Of course, that worked out well.

Prometheus is meant to be a prequel to Alien. Michael Fassbender stepped easily into the "robot character" footprints left by the amazing Lance Henriksen in the first two movies.

This one is from Alien 3. Of all the ways to kill an Alien Queen, death by smelter has got to be the most creative.

One of the stars of this original movie, Alien, was Jones, the ship's cat. His hiss in the presence of the xenomorph was the canary in the coal mine.

Hellboy veteran Ron Perlman turned in a great performance in Resurrection. You may know him from Sons of Anarchy, Hellboy, or Beauty and the Beast.

Aliens may be the most quotable movie in science fiction history. My personal favorite is, "Vasquez, have you ever been mistaken for a man?" "No, have you?"

We'd seen evil or malevolent aliens before, but not nearly on the scale of the xenomorph in Alien. Acid for blood? Yikes!

The special effects in Prometheus were great, but what I most enjoyed was the idea that not all planetary explorers were noble Star Trek types. Some were just working stiffs.

Sigourney Weaver, agreed to come back for Alien: Resurrection but at a high cost. She earned a staggering $11 million for this film alone which equated to the entire budget of the first Alien movie.

Much has been made of Ellen Ripley being the first "warrior woman" in modern sci-fi movies, and it's justified. Her character has been copied countless times since her first appearance in Alien.

Winona Ryder seemed like an odd casting choice, but her "Ripley Jr." type character worked well in Resurrection.

Bill Paxton's character, Hudson, gets a lot of the best lines in Aliens, including the immortal "Game over, man! Game over!"

This one is from Alien 3, the directorial debut of David Fincher. Even molten lead couldn't kill the Alien Queen, until Ripley hit the hot lead with cold sprinkler water, shattering the carapace.

This one is from Prometheus, released in 2012. The scenes with the alien beings "seeding" life on what appeared to be our planet got me thinking: Does that mean we've all got a little xenomorph in us?

Resurrection is set 200 years after its predecessor, Alien 3. Usually, a cloning-based storyline comes off as completely hokey and impossible, but in the world created by Alien, it made perfect sense.

One of the best things about the original Alien, to me, was that Ridley Scott waited so long to show us the xenomorph in all its shelled glory. It made the reveal that much scarier.

In contrast to the first film, the xenomorphs in Aliens weren't shy. We saw them by the dozens, an inexorable attacking horde.

There were great characters in Alien 3, but the plot made them far too disposable. At times, it seemed the only object of the action was to increase the body count.

All the Alien flicks have a claustrophobic feel, but Resurrection amped that up by having the entire thing happen inside a space station. This film is set in the year 2379, so current space station inhabitants can relax.

Prometheus drove me nuts at times. We all KNOW what's about to happen, but the characters have no idea.

In Alien 3, the giant lead foundry took a whopping 12 weeks to build putting production way behind schedule.

Ian Holm, whom you might recognize as Bilbo Baggins, plays a much less huggable role here as an evil android bent on preserving the xenomorph. The screenplay for Alien was written by Dan O'Bannon, who directed Return of the Living Dead.

I had a problem with the entire idea behind this movie: Let's clone Ripley and her alien queen offspring! What could go wrong!

Charles S. Dutton turns in a great performance as a noble convict determined to protect Ripley. Much of Alien 3 was filmed without a script!

This one is from Alien: Resurrection. Ripley 8 (the clone) doesn't lose any of her edge, despite repeated copies. Guess they put fresh toner in the copy machine.

This one is from Prometheus, released in 2012. Idris Elba seems to be having lots of fun playing the captain of the ship used to deliver the characters to the planet, even at one point seducing Theron's character.

I've had some interesting chats about how Alien and Blade Runner offer similar dark, corporate-dominated views of the world of the future. Both were made at about the same time.

This one is from Aliens, which won 8 Saturn Awards. Before he helped kill a Terminator, Michael Biehn played heroic Corporal Hicks, whose decision to "nuke the site from orbit" became an internet meme.

We're back to the original Alien film that started it all. The idea of space explorers being just working stiffs who hated their jobs was unfamiliar to the Star Trek fanbase, but a lot of them came to love the series.

This one is from Alien 3. I wonder how much the mangled Bishop that Ripley managed to bring back to life would have gone for at a prop auction?

Believe it or not, sigourney weaver was only paid $35,000 for the 1st Alien movie. Seven years later when Aliens was made, she had a huge pay raise to a cool 1 Mill.

James Cameron, the man behind Avatar and Titanic, made Aliens. He's always had a love for science fiction, and his upcoming Avatar sequels promise to blaze new trails.

Director David Fincher "disowned" Alien 3 after its release, saying studio meddling had destroyed it. An "assembly cut" released in 2003 was better received.

Cryogenic sleep makes enormous time jumps possible in this series. Resurrrection takes place 200 years after the events in Alien 3.

Ridley Scott has always been one of the most distinctive directors in Hollywood, and it shows in every inch of Alien. From the dialogue to the lighting, it's one of a kind.

The creation of what we know as the xenomorph is explained near the end of Prometheus, and it's chilling. It was shot in 3D.

This alien comes from Aliens. The casting of comic Paul Reiser as Carter Burke was a genius move. He's got a gift for portraying an oily, smarmy, homicidal corporate lackey.

A cast of top-notch supporting actors couldn't quite rescue this one. Even though Alien 3 earned over $104 million internationally, it's considered to be a flop.

The holographic record of the original aliens, the liquid alien substance ... there's a lot of cool whiz-bang in Prometheus.

This one is from Aliens. Lance Henriksen had a second life in the Alien series with Alien vs. Predator, playing a wealthy but ailing philanthropist.

One nifty plot twist in Resurrection was that the Auriga, the ship on which the aliens break loose, has a default command to return to Earth ... so the creatures end up on their way to our home.

I get the concept behind this one, especially when it comes to having one more go-round with the Alien Queen, but the execution is very muddy. In the official title of Alien 3, the number is a superscript, so maybe it's Alien Cubed.

Vasquez is one of the greatest characters in sci-fi history. She's a badass machine gunner who is fiercely loyal to her comrades, but not afraid to bite back when taunted. Aliens was released in 1986, with the subtitle, This Time It's War.

Noomi Rapace rode the popularity of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo to land a starring role in Prometheus and did a great job with it.

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