97% of People Can't Guess What These Common Items Are in French! Can you?

By: J. Scott Wilson
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Do you parlez Français? Do you know a croissant from a voiture? This quiz will let you sit at a Paris sidewalk cafe with panache ... provided you pass it!

Chausseur is the French word for shoe. You'll need to know this if the TSA loses yours.

Rouge is French for red. It's also the term for the makeup used to make cheeks more pink. Coincidence?

Vert is French for green. You can see this in the English word "verdant."

Chapeau is French for hat. This is one of many places where French and English diverge on roots for words.

Main is the French word for hand. This links to English in words like "manipulate."

Oeil is French for an eye. Oddly enough, if you're talking about both of them, it's "les yeux." That's probably because "oeils" would sprain your tongue.

This one should have been pretty easy. Bleu is just one transposed letter away from blue in English!

Chat is French for cat. You can't talk to your cat, really, so that should help you remember.

A dog in French is chien. If you look at "canine," you can sort of see that.

If you drive a car in France, it's a voiture. That sounds classy, like it shouldn't apply to an old Pinto.

This one's pretty easy to figure out. It's a relatively new addition to the French language.

Livre is French for book. You know books, right? They're what you had before you had a Kindle.

Papier is, of course, French for paper. This is one of those great cases where the two words look alike AND mean the same thing.

Blanc is French for white. This is pretty easy to guess.

Noir is French for black. Film Noir is a famous genre, known for its dark storylines.

Pied is French for foot. You can see this in words like "pedestal."

Chemise, French for shirt, is often used in English also. It's usually applied to a lady's blouse.

Veste is French for jacket. In English, we use this term for a sleeveless outer covering.

Lait is French for milk. You coffee shop customers know this from café au lait.

Café is French for coffee. You'll drink a lot of this sitting at a sidewalk cafe.

Argent is French for money. This is the general term, with other words for different denominations, forms, etc., just like English.

Jus is French for juice. It's usually expressed as "jus de ..." with the name of the fruit/vegetable.

Essence is "gasoline" in French. It's essential if you want your voiture to run!

Jaune is French for yellow. You can see this in "jaundice," which causes yellow skin.

Like a lot of recently invented words, hamburger is the same in French and English. Of course, you pronounce it with a French accent!

Pomme is French for apple. Fun fact: Pomme de terre means "potato." It's an earth apple!

Yes, "orange" is the same in French and English! So your orange juice would be "jus d'orange."

Banane is French for banana. At least you'll be able to order fruit in France without confusion!

Jouet is French for toy. Kids will enjoy that!

Ballon is French for ball. This one's fairly easy to remember or figure out!

Fleur is French for flower. Somehow, flowers sound prettier in this language.

Arbre is French for tree. In English, an "arbor" is a term for a group of trees.

Bras is French for arm. So when you embrace someone, you use your bras!

Jambe is French for leg. Learn this and you'll have a leg to stand on!

Poisson if French for fish. To catch a French fish, you use bits of croissant.

Oiseau is French for bird. There's not a lot of parallel between this and English, so just learn it!

Avion is French for plane. You can see this in words like aviation in English.

Bateau is French for boat. You can row a bateau on the Seine for a romantic date.

Chaise is French for chair. A chaise lounge is something you'll sit on by a French swimming pool ... or an American one.

Cuisine is French for kitchen. This seems to make sense, given that that's where the food is cooked!

Chambre is French for bedroom. Formally, it can also be called a chambre à coucher.

Salle de bain is French for bathroom. You even use this if there's not a bathtub in there!

An assiette is what your food would be served on in France. This is another French word without much connection to its English counterpart.

In France, fork is "fourche." This is helpful if you're served a casserole (same in French and English).

A couteau is a knife in French. Use it to "cout" your meat!

In France, a cuillère is a spoon. You won't find an English parallel very easily.

Eau is French for "water." So if you say "Oh, I'm thirsty," you might be ordering the water you need!

Porte is French for door. You can see this in English words like portal.

The French word for window is fenêtre. In English, if you throw someone out a window, you defenestrate them!

French candy is bonbons. Of course, there are a million other words for individual French sweet treats!

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