96% of People Can't Name All of These Legendary and Mythical Pokemon. Can You?

By: Kennita Leon
Image: Pokemon USA/4 Kids Ent.

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There are hundreds (almost a thousand) Pokemon, and each of them is special in its own way. But there are few, about 60 or so, that are incredibly rare and even more powerful. They are known as Legendary Pokemon. These Pokemon are usually said to be myths, until they are seen by the humans in the Poke world. 

While it is hard to know what makes a Pokemon legendary, it is pretty obvious when you spot one either because of its appearance or sheer power. However, they do have a few things in common: most legendary Pokemon do not have a sex, they don't usually hatch from eggs or have the ability to breed, nor can they evolve (most of them)- but some can change their appearance. It is also very rare that a Legendary Pokemon be owned by a trainer, although they can be befriended and asked for help by everyday people.

These fascinating Pokemon are extremely popular, which is why we want to know how well you know them. Do you think you can name these Legendary creatures if we show you a picture? It's time to dig into your Poke knowledge and see if you pass or fail! 

A generation two Pokemon, Raikou is a legendary electric-type who was resurrected by Ho-Oh after dying in a fire.

Small and white in appearance, the humanoid Pokemon, Jirachi, is psychic. It carries a "third eye" on its stomach.

One of the three legendary birds of Kanto, Articuno is an ice-type Pokemon introduced in generation one.

A psychic and flying type Pokemon, Lugia, the trio-master of Legendary birds, is believed to be the polar opposite to Ho-Oh.

A melody Pokemon, Meloetta was introduced in generation five and has two forms -- its Aria form and its Pirouette fighting form.

A fire and steel-type Pokemon, Heatran is brown with orange spots. It also looks to have metal bangles on its legs.

One of the three legendary titans of Hoen, Regice is an ice-type Pokemon introduced in generation three.

Introduced in 2007, the dark and mythical Darkrai forms a Lunar-duo with Cresselia. It is a generation four Pokemon.

Unlike other mythical Pokemon, the water-type sea guardian Manaphy is able to breed, birthing Phione.

A member of the Tao trio, Zekrom is a dragon and electric-type Pokemon. He fuses with Kyurem to create Black Kyurem.

The master to the weather trio, Rayquaza has a dragon-like appearance, with green and yellow rings on its body.

A fire-and-flying-type Pokemon, Moltres closely resembles a phoenix. It is one of the legendary birds of Kanto.

A member of the Swords of Justice, grass-type Pokemon Virizion was introduced in generation five. It has the body of a stag.

Considered as the polar-opposite to Lugia, Ho-Oh is a fire-and-flying-type Pokemon. It appears in generation two.

Introduced in generation five, Keldeo is a water-and-fighting-type Pokemon with two forms: original and resolute.

A psychic-type Pokemon, Deoxys is believed to be the mutation of a space virus. The silver ball in its chest is its brain.

Charged by lightning bolts, Zapdos is an electric Pokemon that can often be found living in thunderclouds.

Partner to Darkrai, Cresselia is a lunar-psychic Pokemon with a blue swan-like body and pink rings. It is said to bring about happy dreams.

A member of the Forces of Nature, Landorus is a ground-and-flying-type Pokemon. Its humanoid build resembles a genie.

A member of the creation trio of Sinnoh, the ghost-and-dragon-type Giratina has a gray serpentine body with yellow rings and black wings.

Forming a new duo with its partner Mew, Mewtwo is a Legendary psychic Pokemon with the ability to mega-evolve.

The legendary beast, Suicune, is a water-type Pokemon resurrected by Ho-Oh after the burning of the Brass Tower. It is blue and represents the rain.

A member of the Tao trio, the dragon and ice-type Pokemon Kyurem is able to fuse with Reshiram and Zekrom.

The bringer of knowledge, Uxie is a psychic-type Pokemon and member of the lake guardians along with Mesprit and Azelf.

A member of the creation trio of Sinnoh, the steel and dragon-type Pokemon, Dialga is blue and silver in appearance and represents time.

A water-type Pokemon, Phione is the offspring of Manaphy -- or Phiones -- and Dittos. It is a member of the sea guardians.

A member of the Swords of Justice, Terrakion is a four-legged, grey bodied rock Pokemon. It carries two brown horns on its head.

A fairy-like Pokemon, Mesprit is one of three psychic-type Pokemon that form the Lake Guardians of Sinnoh.

Leader and member of the Swords of Justice, Cobalion is a steel-type Pokemon and has an aqua blue coat and gold horns.

With the ability to switch between two forms, the electric- and flying-type Pokemon, Thundurus is a member of the Forces of Nature.

Representing flames, Entei is a fire-type Pokemon with the brown body of a lion and a mane of gray smoke.

A member of the weather trio, Groudon, with its red metallic body, is said to have the ability to expand continents.

A water-and-dragon-type Pokemon, Palkia is a member of the creation trio of Sinnoh along with Dialga and Giratina.

The mythical Pokemon Arceus, believed to be the Alpha Pokemon, is the trio master of the lake guardians and the creation trio.

Shaymin is a small, white, grass-type Pokemon that resembles a hedgehog. In its Sky form, it has the appearance of a small reindeer.

Legendary rock-type Pokemon Regirock forms the legendary titans of Hoenn along with Regice and Registeel.

A member of the eon duos, psychic-type Pokemon Latias has a bird/dragon-type resemblance. It is able to refract light to alter its appearance.

A member of the Mew duo with Mewtwo, Mew, a psychic Pokemon, is best-known for its ability to quickly learn moves.

Genesect is a bug-and-steel-type Pokemon with a bipedal metal body of purple and grey. It was revived and enhanced by Team Plasma.

A member of the weather trio, Kyogre a water-type Pokemon that has the ability to expand the oceans.

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