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Forget Fidget Spinners, Playstations,  Hoverboards and Monster High dolls! Can you remember a time when electronic toys weren't in existence? A time when the toys in Santa's bag didn't need batteries? While some kids can't, most of us OG'S do. And while the '50s may have seemed like a really long time ago, especially in the toy industry, that is now marked by more innovation than ever, it really has been just a few years that have passed.

The '50s were just a few decades ago believe it or not. And the toys that kids played with back then were pretty similar to what the kids today use ... at least most of them were. The '50s was a time when some of the best games and toys were introduced to the world. Things like Mr. Potato Head, Play-Doh and Hula Hoops were created. Today's favorites like Barbie, Pogo Sticks and Legos were also really popular. 

So, before we end up giving too much away, it's time for you to start one of the most epic toy quizzes on our website. Do you think you can name all these toys from just an image? Don't forget to come back and give our '70s toy quiz a shot too!

Legos, manufactured by the Legos Group, is a line of plastic construction toys which originated in Denmark in 1949.

Designed by Elizabeth Magie in 1903, this popular board game was not published until 1935 by American toy and game manufacturer, Parker Brothers.

This American plastic toy features a variety of parts such as eyes, nose, ears, hat, mouth, shoes and hat which could be randomly placed onto a plastic potato body.

Silly Putty is a silicone polymer-based toy which is noted for its unusual properties such as bouncing and floating in liquid.

The pogo stick is a jumping device which is often used as a toy, extreme sports device or exercise equipment.

Produced by the Austrian company PEZ, this candy dispenser is created in the image of characters, the earliest of which were Santa Claus and Mickey Mouse.

Barbie is a fashion doll which served as the figurehead of the Mattel dolls line since its launch in 1959.

Chutes and ladders is a commercial variant of the popular snakes and ladders which was published by the Milton Bradley board game company.

Despite its name, this strategy board game originated in Germany, and involves 2–6 players whose objective is to move their pieces in the opposite corner.

Marbles are small spherical toys, usually made of glass, plastic, agate, steel or clay which are collected to play various hand games.

This action figure, which features the David Crockett rifle, was made in the image of this American folk hero, soldier, and politician.

These dolls of Danish origin are noted for their small stature and brightly colored wild hair which stands upright.

This popular board game involves two to four players whose goal is to move their four colored pawns around the board back to their home base.

This toy hoop, made of plastic tubing, is popular among children and adults and is used to twirl around the waist, limbs or neck.

Raggedy Ann, identified by its red yarn hair and triangular nose, is a ragdoll based on a character in children's books created by Johnny Gruelle.

These plastic toys, which come in a dark shade of green, depict soldiers posed in an action stance, usually with guns.

This game, which involves physical and mental skills, is played by picking up sticks from a pile without disturbing the others.

Clue, also known as Cluedo, is a murder mystery-themed game which involves three to six players whose goal is to deduce the details of the murder.

Candy Land, designed by Eleanor Abbott in 1948, is a racing board game played by two to four individuals.

This strategy board game is played by two to six players whose objective is to occupy every territory on the board and eliminate other players in the process.

Jacks, also known as knucklebones, fivestones or tali, is a hand game of ancient origin, with the modern version including a rubber ball and 10 jacks.

These bright red wooden or metal wagons were first introduced in 1923, and again in 1927 with the nickname "Little Ford."

Labyrinth, which involves two to four players, is a board game which was developed by the Ravensburger German game and toy company in 1986.

The yo-yo, which gained popularity in the 1920s, was made more modern in the '50s; it is a toy which consists of a string looped around an axle which is then connected to two discs.

Comprised of flour, water, salt, mineral oil and boric acid, this modeling compound is frequently used by young children for arts and crafts purposes.

Created by Lois Allan in 1950, this fabric toy is made up of a number of felt shapes which can be used to create a variety pictures on a flocked backing board.

This vintage stuffed toy is easily recognized by its red and white cap, red overall, and yellow shirt with the word "zip" written across in bold black letters.

Invented in the early 1940s by Richard James, this precompressed helical spring toy paved the way for several other variations such as the slinky dog.

The whoopee cushion is a practical joke device which produces a noise that resembles human flatulence when an unsuspecting target sits on it.

View-Master, introduced in 1939, is the name of a series of special-format stereoscopes paired with corresponding thin cardboard wheels which contain seven pairs of 3-D films.

This indoor game involves two to six players whose goal is to score points by shooting small discs or winks into the plastic pot.

This toy was made eternally famous by the movie "A Christmas Story."

Skateboards are sports equipment which consist of four wheels attached to a specially designed Maplewood board which allows for smoother slides and stronger durability.

Also known as the Magnet Space Wheel, the Whee-Lo is a toy composed of a plastic wheel with magnets built into it, and is propelled along both sides of a metal track.

Colorforms is a creative toy named for its simple shapes cut from colored vinyl sheets and are used to create picture graphics and designs.

Published by Parker Brothers and Winning Moves, this board game is the American variant of the Indian cross and circle board game, Pachisi.

This line of trucks primarily features a wide variety of construction equipment as well as army vehicles.

This abstract strategy board game is designed for two players whose goal is to move the game pieces diagonally, in order to capture the opponent's pieces.

Mad Libs, invented by Leonard Stern and Roger Price in 1953, is a phrasal template word game which is frequently played as a party game or a pastime.

Developed by Milton Bradley, this dice game is played with the goal to score points by rolling five dice to make specific combinations.

Marble tracks is a toy with numerous individual pieces which allows the player to assemble dozens of twisting and whirling paths for the marbles.

A slingshot, also known as a catapult, ging, bean shooter or flip, is a small, hand-powered projectile weapon.

Cap guns, also known as cap pistols or cap rifles, are toy guns which, once the small percussion cap is exploded, resembles the sound and smoke of a real gunshot.

This children's toy is identified by its silver head and body with red arms and a red I-shape on its face.

Also called a flying disc, the Frisbee is a gliding toy which is used recreationally and competitively such as in flying disc games.

Manufactured by Mattel, Inc. in the 1950s, the Magic 8 Ball is a toy which is used for fortune-telling or advice about the future.

Jacob's Ladder, also referred to as Chinese blocks or magic tablets, is a folk toy composed of wooden blocks which are held together by strings or ribbons.

Totopoly is a three- to six-player commercial board game which revolves around the events before, and during, a horse race.

Ramp Walkers, many of which are modeled after various cartoons, are characterized by their ability to "walk" down a ramp.

Ludo, which is also derived from the Indian game Pachisi, is board game for four players whose objective is to move their four pieces from the start to the finish line.

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