Can You Name These N64 Games From an Image?

By: Jacqueline Samaroo
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OK, kids! It's time to climb into the video game Wayback Machine and look at the home video game console that changed the landscape, finally bringing real arcade-quality graphics to your (still tubed) TV. How many of these classic Nintendo 64 games can you recall from your misspent weekends?

First, back in the Dark Ages of the '70s, there was Pong. Then the original Atari console debuted, and American kids started to get used to the idea of staying home to play video games, instead of heading to the arcade. However, the graphics were HORRIBLE. Overly pixelated human figures and cars that appeared to have square wheels were de rigeur.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System followed, and while the graphics were better and the games were far more complex, you'd still never have mistaken them for arcade games. How many of you hyperventilated trying to blow dust out of the cartridges?

Finally, in 1996, the Nintendo 64 brought a dose of near-arcade quality gaming to the living room. Resident Evil 2, for example, was an immersive first-person shooter that could have you calling off work to play. One of the best installments of the Zelda series came along, and Super Smash Bros. let you take characters from all over the Nintendo universe into battle together.

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Super Smash Bros is the first iteration of the popular crossover fighting game that allows players to fight against each other with characters from their favorite Nintendo properties. This first game had a reasonably sized roster of a dozen characters – including Mario, Pikachu and Samus.

Released on the SNES, the original Star Fox was a fun rail shooter game that was well received by consumers. Star Fox 64 built off that success and made every aspect of the new game better: improved graphics, interesting gameplay, and a longer narrative.

Mario Golf for the N64 blended together the best parts of the two titular concepts – Mario and golf. The end result was a colorful, fun and incredibly addictive game to play. It also offered gamers some of the complexity and skill that more serious golf games had.

Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is the second Zelda game released for the N64, and undeniably one of the best games on the console. This game is so iconic that it is regularly included on “top games” lists everywhere.

The Quake II N64 version is not a PC port but rather a completely new game that was created for the console. This made it better optimized than its predecessor and it had exclusive levels as well.

From a technical standpoint, Resident Evil 2 on the N64 is an amazing feat. Capcom (the developers) managed to take a CD-ROM game and make it fit on an N64 cartridge – a storage device that was drastically smaller. There was a noticeable downgrade in graphics quality but the story and gameplay were still top notch.

NHL 99 was aimed at casual gamers and hardcore sports fans alike. Casual gamers could easily play a quick game or two, but interested fans also had the option of a diverse career mode where they could trade, create custom players, draft and retire players.

Star Wars: Shadow of the Empire aimed to find a place in the deep story of the Star Wars universe without having to be weighed down by too many plot points of the films. The game is centered around Dash Rendar, who is a mercenary trying to rescue Princess Leia between Episode 5 and Episode 6.

As a hilarious sequel to the hit game Banjo Kazooie, it is often argued that Banjo Tooie did everything better than its predecessor. Fans of the game cite better level design and a more challenging but rewarding experience overall.

Jet Force Gemini is a prime example of a game with a weird concept done right. The game is a third-person shooter that pits players against space insects. Players can choose from three different characters to go through levels that are easily playable yet still challenging.

The handheld Pokémon games allowed players to capture their favorite pocket monsters and go on adventures with them, but Pokémon Snap gave players the opportunity to capture them … on film! While the premise may sound a bit silly, Pokémon Snap ended up being a very enjoyable game.

Mortal Kombat spawned one of the very first gaming-related controversies over violent content. Mortal Kombat 4 marked the series’ first foray into the 3D world and while many fans rate it lower than the previous titles, Mortal Kombat 4 is still a great game in its own right.

BattleTanx has both single player and multiplayer modes where players can make use of various gadgets, weapons and power-ups. While the single player experience is fun, the multiplayer mode is where the game truly shines.

The most iconic comic book superhero and a video game console created by one of the most popular gaming companies – what could go wrong? Superman for N64 is notorious for being an unplayable game and it is even considered by many to be the worst game ever made.

Mega Man 64 was the franchise’s debut on the N64, and this 3D action-platformer was very well received. Although the game did not change up the gameplay mechanics too much, critics praised it for the easy-to-use controls, improved graphics, and great storyline.

Fans of Pilotwings 64 love it for being a prime example of what the core concept of a game should be – fun. The game is simply an arcade-styled flight simulator that has a challenging yet rewarding learning curve and stunning graphics.

Technically, Mission Impossible was a shooter game, however, the gameplay mechanics and difficulty levels often discouraged a “guns blazing” approach. Instead, players had to get into the mindset of acting like a real secret agent; utilizing disguises, gadgets and stealth to get the job done.

Originally a PC game, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine was ported to the N64. Thankfully, the game worked fine on the hardware available and so N64 players were able to get fully immersed in its deep plot and tricky puzzles – by far one of the best action-adventure games on the console.

Whenever a discussion about the best games on the N64 come up, three words are always thrown around constantly: Mario, Zelda and Goldeneye. This game is largely responsible for the popularity of FPS games on consoles (since they were largely on PC at the time) and it also set a standard for many basic concepts of the genre.

F-Zero X is an arcade-like game through and through - with no story and stripped down graphics and audio. All that was left was fast-paced racing and incredible gameplay mechanics. The end result is (in the opinion of many fans) one of the best racing games of all time.

Vampires, demons and monsters are all over the place and you’re the only one who can defeat them. This simple enough concept drove the previous games in the Castlevania franchise and this iteration was no different. Improved aspects of the game were its graphics (from 2D to 3D), gameplay and soundtrack.

Rare, the developer of the heavily praised Goldeneye 007, took another stab at the FPS (first-person shooter) genre on N64 with their own personal creation Perfect Dark. While Perfect Dark did not have the lore of James Bond to support it, the gameplay aspects were significantly better than Goldeneye’s.

Neversoft was responsible for developing and releasing Spiderman on various consoles in 2000, and the N64 version was very well received. Players actually felt like a superhero with an array of abilities at their disposal and an expansive city that they could explore and play in.

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron places players in the cockpit of various Star Wars-related spaceships and has them shoot their way through waves of enemies in numerous story-driven missions. This game is a favorite of flight simulator lovers and Star Wars fans alike.

While fans were waiting for a main series Pokémon game on console, they were treated to this Pokémon-themed puzzle game for the N64. It is one of many Pokémon games based on the anime.

The first Zelda game on the N64 is widely considered to be one of the best Zelda games of all time. Gamers hold this game in high regard and it is often praised as the best game of all time by many game reviewers.

The portly plumber with a mission to save his princess made his debut on the N64 in what has been called the first perfect example of 3D gameplay mechanics. This game is so iconic that it has become somewhat synonymous with the console that it came out on.

This first-person shooter game was released in 1997. While it couldn’t hope to surpass Goldeneye 007, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter earned its place as one of the best FPS games on the console – and that success led to six sequels.

Duke Nukem 64 is a port of the PC version of Duke Nukem 3D. However, the N64 version had a few new enemies and character models. It also featured split-screen multiplayer mode for 4 players.

While Pokémon Puzzle League was about solving puzzles and Pokémon Snap was about taking pictures, Pokémon Stadium centered around the core mechanics of the main series games – battling Pokémon. Players could either battle with rental Pokémon or upload their own Pokémon from Red and Blue.

Under the innocent guise of Conker’s Bad Fur Day lies a controversial game that was actually met with a mixture of high praise and backlash. The raunchy nature of the story was paired with solid gameplay mechanics to ensure that players had a memorable experience from start to finish.

The World Is Not Enough was Goldeneye’s successor. It tweaked a few things and made them better and in the end was generally viewed as equally as good as (if not slightly better than) its predecessor. The World Is Not Enough, however, was never met with the same level of praise.

The Rayman games occupy a specific niche that is often reserved for weird games with equally weird protagonists. However, Rayman 2: The Great Escape went above and beyond to be more than a quirky game. All aspects of the game were praiseworthy – from the gameplay mechanics right down to the soundtrack.

The Paper Mario RPG game has a unique stylistic visual appeal and is absolutely hilarious from start to finish. It is often deemed a must-play for every Mario fan.

Everyone knows Tetris, one of the pioneering games that helped to launch the video game industry and make it what it is today. Tetrisphere/The New Tetris puts a spin on the old Tetris formula by placing players in a 3D space where their goal is to reach the core of a sphere.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 is the third Tony Hawk game for the N64. It is widely considered by many to be not only the best game in the Tony Hawk franchise but also the best skating game ever made.

While first-person shooter games like Perfect Dark and Goldeneye were aiming to revolutionize the genre, Doom 64 went back to basics. So, what players got with Doom 64 was countless levels of demon-shooting mayhem – sometimes simpler is better.

With every other franchise making the jump to the N64 and 3D gameplay, Bomberman had to put forward a game that would allow them to remain relevant but still please longtime fans. Bomberman 64 was just that – a 3D experience that played similarly to the old Bomberman games fans knew and loved.

While not as popular as Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64 gave players a much deeper platforming experience. Players could make use of various abilities and upgrades and as much as five different characters, as well.

There were quite a few PC port games on the N64 but only the good ones get remembered – and Quake is definitely one of the good ones. Players could either play through the single-player missions or dive right into the hectic but fun multiplayer mode.

If Super Smash Bros is the undisputed king of fighting games on the N64, then Mortal Kombat 4 and Killer Instinct Gold are locked in a deadly battle for second place. Killer Instinct Gold was actually just a port of the arcade versions of the game with additional modes and options available.

If Mortal Kombat 4 and Killer Instinct Gold were battling over second place in the fighting genre, then F-Zero X and Wipeout 64 were fighting for second place in the racing genre behind Mario Kart 64. Many fans consider the better game to be Wipeout 64 because of its noticeably better graphics and sound quality.

Harvest Moon 64 is often hailed as one of the most fun and relaxing games on the console. It is praised for its creativity, imaginative design and educational themes. Plus, fans generally agree that it's extremely addictive as well!

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards was a beautiful game compared to its predecessors and it had an innocent storyline, as well. However, the main gameplay addition was the ability to combine two power-ups to create a brand new power – a true game changer.

We know what you’re probably thinking: “Tennis, golf, racing, is there anything that Mario can’t do?” Thankfully, this was not just another Mario sport game by Nintendo, they actually took the time to create an in-depth tennis game that had a cast of everybody’s favorite characters.

If Mario can race, then why can’t Diddy Kong? In fact, Diddy Kong Racing tried more experimental concepts compared to Mario Kart – including but not limited to awesome hovercrafts and a fun single-player experience.

The first installment of the beloved party game franchise, Mario Party is often called a great game for fans of all ages. Some fans have also jokingly referred to it as: “the game that ends friendships” and “the controller breaker” due to the competitive nature of the games at times.

Hailed as “the godfather” of all console racing games, Mario Kart 64 improves on the tried and true formula to create a memorable experience for players. Fun music, competitive tracks, and challenging AI racers all work together to make this one of the best games on the N64.

Yoshi’s Story is the sequel to the SNES game Yoshi’s Island. It prioritizes having fun over presenting a difficult challenge. However, while the game was beautiful to look at and fun to play, many fans criticized the fact that it was considerably shorter than its predecessor.

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