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Mazda sometimes becomes lost among the Chevys, Fords and BMWs of the world. But with a long-running tradition of creating long-lasting and attractive vehicles, Mazda has a large following of devoted drivers. 

Mazda was founded in Japan during the 1920s with the production of three-wheeled trucks. Previously known as Toyo Kogyo, the company manufactured everything from machine tools, weapons for WWII and of course automobiles. While the name Mazda had already been in use for decades, the company officially adopted its name in 1984. 

From small cars to sporty coupes, large sedans and pickup trucks, Mazda has had a vast array of options and was frequently among the industry's top manufacturers. 

Do you think you know something about this Japanese car manufacturer? Can you figure out a Mazda5 from a Mazda CX-5? Do you know the differences in the RX series (RX-6, RX-7 and RX-8)? Do you think you can figure out a Mazda concept car from a popular sporty roadster? 

This quiz will test your limits when it comes to identifying Mazdas from the past and present. 

It's time to throw her into gear and see if you are as good as you think you are! So, hit that gas pedal and take this quiz!

Can you name this popular two-seater?

The Mazda MX-5 was first released in 1989 at the Chicago Auto Show after several years of production and alterations. This two-seater convertible is similar in appearance to the Lotus Elan and was launched with a four-cylinder engine of 1.6 liters and a turbo power of 114bhp at 6500rpm.


Do you know the name of this best-selling vehicle?

The Mazda 3 is a sleek car that incorporates all the unique changes made to the Mazdas through the years, since the initial release of the Mazda 323 in the mid-'90s. It is listed as one of the bestselling small cars of 2016 by the NY Daily News.


Can you figure out what this sporty Mazda is?

The Mazda RX-8 was a 21st-century model car with a Renesis engine that has won best engine in the 2.5-liter to the 3-liter category at the International Engine of the Year Award in 2003 & 2004. However, the Mazda RX-8 was discontinued in 2012 due to low sales and failure to meet emission standards.


What is the name of this Mazda SUV?

The Mazda Tribute is another creation of the Japanese automaker, Mazda, and is similar in appearance and mechanisms to the Ford Escape. This spacious crossover SUV was perfect for road trips and can seat five passengers and all their gear comfortably.


What is the name of this hatchback?

The Mazdaspeed3 is a 2007 hot hatchback based on the original Mazda 3 that was launched in 2004. Ten years later, the 2017 Mazdaspeed3 was released with 184 horsepower and a 2.5-liter Skyactiv-G engine.


Do you know the name of this crossover SUV?

This subcompact crossover SUV was debuted only three years ago in 2014. The Mazda CX3 was a new and improved version of the Mazda2 and was made available with different engines, such as the 1.5 L SkyActiv-D diesel engine.


Do you know the name of this compact pickup?

The Mazda BT 50 was first sold as a compact pickup truck in 2006, before it was altered and transformed into a medium-sized truck and sold in 2011. Mazda's BT 50 was inspired by Ford's Ranger.


What is the name of this female-popular vehicle?

The Mazda Carol was a 1960s car that was popular among female drivers, due to its miniature size and attractive design. In 1989, the Mazda Carol that was launched had a maximum speed of 78 mph (125 km/h).


What is the name of this Mazda microvan?

Once known as the Autozam Scrum, the Mazda Scrum was a microvan introduced in 1989, and was sold only in Japan. Suzuki engines were used in the production of this vehicle, as it was a rebadged version of the Suzuki Carry.


Named after a god, can you name this Mazda?

The Mazda Titan has been in existence for decades and continues to be one of the most efficient in the business. Every Titan has a rear-wheel drive and a capacity to hold weights of 1.5 tons; the new Titans have a 4.8-liter diesel engine.


The Japanese call it an Atenza, do you know the name of this Mazda?

In North America, this vehicle is known as Mazda 6 but is recognized as the Mazda Atenza in Japan. Similar to the Cobalt, it is sold in a variety of versions, but it has been a success to Mazda, winning 23 awards in 16 countries worldwide, including the "Japan Car Design Award Golden Marker Trophy."


Can you name this Mazda passenger van?

The Mazda Flair, also known as the Suzuki Palette, is a 2008 passenger van that is also a rival of the Daihatsu Tanto. This Mazda, which has also been nicknamed "Women's Mazda," also has safety precautions installed such as Dynamic Stability Control system which activates automatically during emergencies.


Can you name this supermini?

Mazda Demio, or Mazda 2, as it is popularly called, is a supermini front wheel drive with a front engine. In comparison to previous Mazdas, it has a more stylish look and advanced features such as ABS and EBD technology.


Can you name this "familia" car?

This five-passenger car has a 16-valve DOHC engine and a maximum speed of 112 mph. The Mazda Protégé is also known as Mazda 323 and Mazda Familia, as it was marketed and sold as a family vehicle.


What's the name of this sporty Mazda?

The Mazda CX-7 is a crossover SUV which only had a base four-cylinder engine of 2.5 liters. It was discontinued in 2012 as it was unable to keep up with other powerful and fuel-efficient competitors.


Can you name this Mazda SUV?

The 1991 Mazda Navajo was a four-wheel drive SUV that was powered by a V6 engine and a 4-liter, 155-horsepower engine, similar to the Ford Explorer Sport that it resembles. However, due to low sales, the Mazda Navajo was discontinued three years later.


Sold for over 50 years, do you know the name of this Mazda?

The Mazda Bongo enjoyed a substantial length time on the market, having been sold from 1966 until 2017. This van was a versatile eight-seater, suitable for daily use or even camping.


Can you name this rugged Mazda pickup?

The Mazda Porter, a small pickup, was a workhorse for all small Japanese businesses requiring transport of goods. From 1961 to 1989, this bestseller boomed in Japan's domestic market and also worldwide.


What is the name of this sporty summertime Mazda?

The two-seater Mazda MX-5 Miata is a well-balanced sports car with a rear-wheel drive and a four-cylinder engine. The Miata has been a great success, with over one million cars sold as of April 2016.


Can you name this Mazda truck?

The Mazda B4000 is a cross between a Ford and Mazda compact pickup truck. Its relatively small size made it maneuverable compared to the other pickups, which was ideal for off-road drivers.


What is the name of this comfy Mazda minivan?

The Mazda MPV was a minivan that debuted in 1988; its sporty credentials and off-road capabilities made it quite different from its competitors. It eventually became a full-fledged SUV then returned to its minivan roots, before being discontinued in 2006.


Can you name this compact Mazda?

The Mazda MX3 is a compact two plus two coupe which debuted at the 1991 Geneva Auto Show. This popular sport-compact was featured in the "Fast and Furious" film series.


What is the name of this luxury Mazda?

The Mazda CX-9 is a mid-sized SUV and a top-of-the-range luxury vehicle. It debuted in 2006.


What is the name of this four-door Mazda?

The Mazda Millenia was an unassuming four-door sedan which was made for the American market in 1995. This car, which had a special engine that worked differently from the typical four-stroke engine, was not well received and the Millenia was eventually discontinued.


Can you name this mid-sized Mazda pickup?

The Mazda B series refers to a number of mid-sized pickup trucks built for the Japanese market. It was debuted in 1961 and continued throughout many generations until production ended in 2006.


This car came into production in the 2010s, do you know what it is called?

The Mazda CX-5 has been in production since 2012, with its first model year being 2013. It is Mazda's first car featuring the new KODO – Soul of Motion Design language - which was first shown in the Shinari concept vehicle in May 2011.


Do you know the name of this Mazda coupe?

The RX-3 was a sporty '70s coupe designed to be smaller than the previous RX-2. It was produced for eight years from 1971 to 1978, and in that time was available in several models such as super deluxe coupe, deluxe sedan and station wagon.


Also known as the Mazda5, do you know the other name for this model?

The Mazda5 is known also as the Mazda Premacy depending on where you are. The United States stopped importing the Mazda 5 in 2015 due to sluggish sales volumes. Mazda then shifted its focus to crossover vehicles including the Mazda CX-3, Mazda CX-5 and the Mazda CX-9


Do you know the name of this compact Mazda?

The 323, also know at the Familia in Japan, was a small compact car marketed by Mazda for 40 years from 1963. All in all, the Familia had eight generations, each with a range of body styles,​ including wagons, hatchbacks and sedans.


Do you know the name of this sporty Mazda?

There were lots of things to like about the third generation RX-7 - its twin-charged rotary engine, its looks and probably best of all, its affordability. This little racer from Mazda still remains very popular.​


Do you know this city-style model?

This Kei, or city car, was first introduced in 1993. It features what is known as a 'tallboy' design, where a very high roof and a box-like structure is prominent. It shares its design with the Suzuki Wagon R and is also marketed around the world as a number of other brands.


This vehicle was named after a star, do you know what it is called?

​Made mostly for the Japanese market, the Alphard is named after the brightest star in the Hydra constellation. This luxury MPV, first marketed in 2002, is still in production. It features three different models and is available as either a seven- or eight-seater. Now in its third generation, the Alphard top of the range model is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine.


Do you know the name of this 8-seater Mazda?

Sold mostly in Japan but also in some Asian countries, the Biante, built since 2004, is an 8-seater, large MPV. It offers three engine options, one of which is based on Mazda's Skyactiv Technology which provides improved fuel consumption and reduced emissions. Only a handful of countries feature the Biante, with Indonesia a​s the first to do so.


What is the name of this tiny Mazda?

Marketed between 2004 and 2015, this mini MPV featured in the subcompact car segment. Although one generation was produced for more than 11 years, the Verisa received two facelifts, in 2006 and 2009. More than 33,000 Verisas were sold in the first two years of production in Japan.​


What is the name of this Japanese-sold Mazda?

"Sentia" comes from the Latin "Sentir" which means to sense, feel or hear. This luxury vehicle was sold in Japan for nearly a decade from 1991 to 1999. After 1999 it was still continued in South Korea as the Kia Enterprise.


Also known as the 626, what is the other name of this vehicle?

The Cronos is known in the United States as the 626 and was a popular design from 1991 to 1995. The Cronos GE platform would end up becoming a popular platform deriving several different models including the Ford Telstar.


What is the name of this lightweight Mazda?

Considered Mazda's first real car and sold beginning in 1960, the R360 weighed only 838 lbs. and was offered as either a 4-speed manual or 2-speed automatic. During its six-year production the R360 was a big reason why Mazda carried the Japanese lightweight market.


Can you name this Mazda concept car?

Kabura stands for an arrow that makes a howling sound. Curious about this one? The Mazda Kabura was a 2006 concept car which shows off several new design styles and technologies for the future of Mazda.


What's the name of this powerful Mazda roadster?

The Roadpacer AP only lasted two years in Japan from 1975 to 1977. It was introduced to go up against the large Japanese flagship sedans such as the Toyota Century and Nissan President. While it did have power, it couldn't compete in other performance measures.


Do you know the name of this Kei clone?

The Mazda Laputa is essentially a clone of the Kei available in both front and all-wheel drive. Production began in 1999, and despite some style changes in 2001 production stopped in 2006.


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