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'Downton Abbey' is a Masterpiece drama that depicts the life of an English estate over changing times. Have the Granthams got you hooked? Take the quiz to find out!

Although she has a soft spot for a select few characters, Mary is known for being the uppity, mean older sister on "Downton Abbey." She mourns the death of her husband, Matthew, in season 3, and later gets married to Henry Talbot.

Did you know that the castle Lord Grantham and his family live in is 175 years old in real life? It's called Highclere Castle, and has 300 rooms!

Lady Grantham, also known as Cora Crawley, is American and met Robert, Lord Grantham, when she was with her mother in England. Do you know why her mother wanted her to marry Lord Grantham? Because her mother wanted to boost her social status by having 'old money' in the family.

Edith and her older sister, Mary, have quite the rivalry going throughout all seasons of "Downton Abbey." Although Mary belittles her sister and believes she'll always be higher than her, a plot twist at the end leaves Edith with a wonderful husband, old money, and a castle.

Lady Sybil is known as the sweet, peacemaker, youngest sister of the Crawley girls. She falls in love with Tom, the family's chauffeur, and much to Lord and Lady Grantham's dismay, they run away together to his home in Ireland and get married. Talk about romance and drama!

Many in the Crawley family are suspicious of and angry with Tom, due to his perceived rebellious beliefs and Irish Catholicism, and running away with Sybil. Later in the series, he is embraced and accepted as a part of the family.

Sir Matthew Crawley is the son of Isobel Crawley, and the late husband of Lady Mary. Mary's soft, loving side comes out when she is with Matthew; she believes he is one of the few to see her as a kind person. Thus, she goes into a great period of mourning when he dies suddenly in a car crash.

Daisy is the young, spirited servant who assists Mrs. Patmore in the kitchen. Daisy is a very likeable character who viewers enjoy watching grow throughout the series.

Could anything be more adorable than the love story of Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes? Although his strict, ever-loyal nature earned him the job of head butler and second-hand man to Lord Grantham, his sweet side comes out when he's with Mrs. Hughes. The two work together and are friends for years before they get married.

Violet Crawley, the witty, refined, yet hardcore grandmother of Downton, is played by Maggie Smith. Did you know that Smith has won all kinds of awards, including Academy Awards, Golden Globes and Emmys?

Anna is a kind, mothering lady's maid who falls in love with Mr. Bates, a footman. Despite their woes and catastrophes, Anna and Mr. Bates stay fast in their love and become pregnant near the end of the series.

Thomas Barrow is a troubled soul who often acts irrational and mean, and backstabs, partially due to his lack of fitting-in with the other servants and having few friends. After he tries to commit suicide, the other servants seems to take his condition more seriously.

Mrs. Patmore is the round-faced, cheery cook who always has her hands full with cooking for the Crawley family, guests, and servants. Did you know that in "Downton Abbey" times, kitchen tools, such as the toaster and electronic mixer, were not usually used? Mrs. Patmore really had her work cut out in the kitchen!

Mr. Bates is played by Brendan Coyle, an actor who has lived in Ireland and England. Did you know he played in "The Weir," and won the Olivier Award for Best Performance in a Supporting Role?

Mr. Molesley is a loveable character who often is nervous and fidgety. He lets his nerves go on the dance floor when he drinks Mrs. O'Brien's drink that's been spiked by Wilkins!

Lady Rose is infamous for her sense of adventure and somewhat scandalous fun. She is the daughter of the ever-arguing couple, Shrimpie and Susan. Despite her mother's bitterness and negativity, Rose is positive and friendly, even in times of trouble.

Jimmy is quite the ladies' man, and not just with his fellow servants. He and Lady Anstruther create a scandal when they are found in bed together in season 5. How were they caught? There was a house fire one night and Lord Grantham went to alert Lady Anstruther, only to find her in bed with the footman...tsk tsk.

Her and Violet Crawley make a witty, hilarious dueling pair who are often, if not always, 'at war' with each other. They battle over changes in the classes, their city and even what's going on in the lives of their family members. Their constant bickering brings an added spice and British wit to the drama.

He causes Edith to go into despair and humiliation when he dumps her at the alter in season 3. Although she later ends up finding true love, he is still very disliked by the Grantham family and seen as a true putz.

Ethel goes through several hardships in Downton but seems to remain strong through it all. She gets pregnant by a Major who is staying at the Abbey during the war, and later gets disowned by his parents after he dies. Pushed to make money so her child can survive, she sells herself as a prostitute. She later begins to heal and finds work as a housemaid with the help of Lady Isobel.

Like many of the other bachelors on Downton, Tony goes after Lady Mary. Despite his pursuits, she decides she is not interested, and later he marries Mabel Lane Fox.

The family doctor is known for his loyalty and genuine care for the family. He shows interest for Lady Isobel Crawley, but it is not returned.

Denker is better known for her constant nosiness and badgering than her skills as a housemaid. She is constantly out to get Mr. Spratt, the butler, fired or simply humiliated.

Alfred gets a job as a footman at Downton through his aunt, Mrs. O'Brien. At his first arrival at the Abbey, Mr. Carson embarrasses him by declaring that he is too tall to be a footman. Despite the rough start, Alfred shows his worth as a servant and later establishes a friendship with Mr. Carson.

Andy has a crush on Daisy, but does she feel the same way? It seems uncertain at first, but later on in the show Daisy's interest is seen when she gets a new haircut to impress Andy. He is impressed, and the two are caught flirting downstairs.

Aunt Rosamond is the sister of Lord Grantham and lives in a stylish apartment in London. The three daughters at the Grantham house visit her in the city, usually when they want to hide something from their parents, Lord and Lady Grantham.

When Ivy begins working at Downton Abbey, she finds herself with a few suitors, such as Jimmy and Alfred. Subsequently, this makes Daisy jealous, and she begins to become short-tempered to the dismay of her boss, Mrs. Patmore.

Lavinia was Matthew Crawley's finance, who had a rough series of events leading to her death. She saw Matthew and Lady Mary kissing, and on top of being heartbroken, also got the Spanish flu which led her to become bedridden and then die. Despite the deep sadness she felt for the loss of Matthew's love, she was still kind to both him and Mary.

Gwen's character symbolizes the hope for a breaking of the class system and courage to make one's own career in the series, "Downton Abbey." With the help of Lady Sybil, she works very hard to learn to use a typewriter and gets a job as a secretary, despite her being born into the life of servanthood.

Although it comes as a surprise to Lady Mary that she falls in love with someone whose hobby is what killed her late husband, she and Henry find themselves getting married near the end of the series. Henry races cars, and is just as stubborn as Lady Mary about doing that about which he is passionate. The hard-headed lady has met her match in Henry Talbot.

Mrs. Hughes is a wonderful manager as the head of the female staff. She can multitask and keep the housekeepers in line. She has a soft side that makes her give to the less fortunate members of the staff. She and Mr. Carson make a perfect pair when they get together. They later marry near the end of the series.

Isis is a golden labrador who is beloved by all Downton's characters. Lord Grantham is especially attached to Isis, perhaps because Isis is loyal to him, even when he almost loses Downton Abbey to poor financial decisions.

Marigold is the child of Lady Edith and Michael Gregson. Because they never married, Marigold's history is kept a secret for the first couple years of her life. Aunt Rosamond helps Lady Edith find her a place to stay with a farmer's family in the village, but after much inner turmoil over not being able to be her daughter's mother, Edith takes her back and integrates her into the Crawley family.

George is another one of the grandchildren of the Grantham estate. He also does not get to know his father since, like Sybil, Matthew died right after George was born.

Whenever Cora's mother, Martha Levinson, comes to visit, there is a dread that hangs over the Grantham estate. Her unusual ways and distaste for some of the English traditions urge her to be controversial and, at times, mean. Even so, she adds much comedy to the drama!

Mrs. O'Brien is a housemaid who is known for being one of Thomas' only friends...or is she? She is mostly loyal to Thomas, but for some reason is usually seen trying to stab others in the back. She later redeems herself when she nurses Lady Grantham out of a life-threatening illness.

Reverend Albert Travis christens and marries many of the characters on Downton. He works for the local church, and once is asked by Lord Grantham to try to convert Tom from Catholicism. Instead, it turns out to be a disaster of an evening!

Vera Bates sends a shudder down everyone's spine, as she has no limits in her attempts to destroy Mr. Bates' life. Maria Doyle Kennedy does a great job playing the snobby, vicious ex-wife.

Michael Gregson is Marigold's father, but he never gets to meet her. He leaves for Germany before Edith finds out she is pregnant, and is never heard from again. Poor Edith is heartbroken and scared, but decides to keep the baby.

Also known as Hugh MacClare, Shrimpie is usually seen with his nagging, out-of-control wife who seems to make his life and his daughter Rose's miserable. He confides in Lord Grantham and spends time with the family dining and shooting.

Mr. Mason takes Daisy under his wing when his son, her late husband, dies in the war. Mr. Mason desperately needs help managing his almost rundown farm, and Daisy agrees to help.

Dowager Violet Crawley's past is revealed when Prince Igor comes to town and tells her he still feels for her after all these years. The only problem is, he is married to someone else. Although Violet is flattered, she tells him they cannot be together. Love triangles are popping up everywhere!

Mabel Lane Fox marries Tony Gillingham despite his fling with Mary. She is also known as a 'Viscountess' and is played by Catherine Steadman.

Dickie, short for Richard Grey, steals Mrs. Isobel Crawley's heart and the sweet, elderly couple get married near the end of the series. She has to battle his self-centered sons to ensure Dickie's health and his hand in marriage. But in the end, love prevails!

Miss Reed is Martha Levinson's maid, and comes with her from America to visit the Crawley family. She and the footman, Alfred, had a fling for a while, which made Daisy jealous.

Lady Edith finds love at last. Bertie and Edith are a good match, and Lady Mary is infuriated when he inherits an estate and wealth.

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