93% of people can't remember what happens in these scenes from Groundhog Day! Can you?

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How frustrated would you be if you had to relive the same day over and over again? See how well you would do living Groundhog Day again and again, along with Bill Murray. Take this quiz and find out!

The role of Phil Murray was originally offered to both Tom Hanks and Michael Keaton. Both actors turned down the opportunity because they were not interested.

Director Harold Ramis also considered John Travolta, Steve Martin, and Chevy Chase for the role of Phil. He decided to go with Murray because he thought the others were “too nice.”

During the filming of the movie, Bill Murray was bitten by the groundhog so hard he had to be rushed to the hospital and given rabies shots. He could have died from rabies if the vaccine was not provided fast enough.

Scooter was the name of the groundhog who bit Murray. He sensed Scooter disliked him since day one.

On his wedding day, Murray read his intoxicated wife to sleep. That is where the idea of Phil reading to Rita in her sleep stemmed from.

Phil was trapped in a loop, reliving Groundhog Day for roughly 34 years, based upon time duration assumptions.

In the snowball fight scene of the film, director Harold Ramis instructed the kid actors to throw snowballs at Murray as hard as they could. This turned into a full-fledged attack from both parties.

When Phil slammed his alarm clock on the floor, it actually didn’t leave a scratch. The crushed alarm clock we see is actually a result of the crew smashing it with a hammer.

Groundhog Day was filmed in Woodstock, Illinois. On the curb where Phil always steps in the same puddle, a plaque has been installed. It reads, “Bill Murray stepped here.” On the corner where Ned the salesman stands throughout the film, there is a plaque that says, “Ned’s Corner.”

The film depicts exactly 38 days. Phil is depressed for most of them.

A family of groundhogs were bred specifically to be used in this film.

Fake snow was used in parts of the film. It was filmed from March through June, after all.

Murray plays two different characters during the film -- “good Phil” and “bad Phil.” He would jokingly ask director Harold Ramis which character to “turn on” during a given scene.

Since the movie came out, tourists have enjoyed visiting the town of Punxsutawney in hopes of second chances.

The groundhog ceremony, which appears to occur in the town center, is actually in a rural area called Gobbler’s Knob, a couple miles from Punxsutawney.

In Rubin’s original version of the film, Phil began the movie trapped in the time loop. This spin on the idea made the audience unaware of how Phil knew all the details of what was going on around him.

Murry did a fair amount of ad-libbing throughout the film. One instance of this is when he tells salesman Ned Ryerson, "I don't know where you're headed, but can you call in sick?” causing Ned to flee.

A scene where Phil was hustling some guys at pool ended up being cut from the film, along with many other scenes.

Tori Amos was originally considered for the role of Rita. The role eventually went to Andie MacDowell.

Ramis originally intended for Phil to re-live Groundhog Day for 10,000 years.

During Phil’s depressed and rebellious phase, creators of the film thought about showcasing a deeper, darker side of the character (doing things like homicide) but held back, to keep a more upbeat tone overall.

During filming, Murray was in the heat of his divorce and would put all of his focus on the movie to distract himself from his reality. This created a conflict between Murray and Ramis and they stopped speaking for years.

During his stint of rambunctious behavior, a scene was shot in which Phil obliterates his belongings in his room and shaves all his hair off in a fit of rage. In the following scene, he wakes up to everything perfectly in place and as it was prior. This scene was omitted from the film because Ramis had trouble incorporating it in seamlessly.

There was also a debate about whether the movie should be more comedic or more romantic. Murry wanted it to focus more on the comedy aspects, while Ramis was interested in the love story and philosophical aspect.

All of the attempted suicide methods that Phil tells Rita about (stabbing, shooting, poisoning, freezing, etc.) were methods used by Grigori Rasputin’s would-be assassins. Rasputin was eventually killed by repeated gunfire.

The Tip Top Café, where many meals are exchanged in the film, remained open despite it only being a set. Many locals wanted the place to remain, and it is now a broiled chicken restaurant.

Ramis considered adding an explanation for the time loop, but decided it was best left a mystery in the end.

The film received a great deal of attention from religious groups and spiritual believers who were interested in metaphysics. This type of attention surprised Ramis, who was somewhat expecting criticism from these groups.

If you look closely, you will notice the clocks in the diner are all broken. They do not accurately reflect the time, much like Phil’s dilemma.

During the bar scene, Rita is seen drinking sweet vermouth. That happened to be the director’s wife’s favorite drink… coincidence? Perhaps not.

Many changes were made in the screenplay. In the original version, the film was going to end with Rita revealing that she was stuck in the same type of loop as Phil.

The groundhog’s full name is Punxsutawney Phil, Seer of Seers, Sage of Sages, Prognosticator of Prognosticators and Weather Prophet Extraordinary.

Weather conditions played a huge role in the filming of this movie. The austere Wisconsin look was selected based on the majority of the footage.

In the scene where Phil attempts to commit suicide, the building he jumps from is actually an opera house in Woodstock.

The opera house from the previous answer carries a local legend that a little girl ghost haunts the tower. Sadly, a little girl fell to her death from the balcony a long time ago.

In the final scene of the movie, Phil is seen hoisting Rita over the gate -- because it was actually frozen and couldn’t be opened.

There was a big controversy about whether or not Phil should appear shirtless in the final scene with Rita. This would hint that they had sex when the calendar finally reached February 3rd. After much debate, they decided against it.

Andie MacDowell, who played Rita, has a natural South Carolina accent. Some of the original script had to be changed because the director thought some words would not be easily understood with her southern accent.

When Murray noticed some Woodstock resident onlookers who looked quite ravenous during filming, he bought them all pastries from the local bakery.

During the entirety of the film, Rita is seen slapping Phil exactly 10 times.

The scenes where Phil gives his Groundhog Day weather reports were an afterthought that did not come up until the editing process. They were seamlessly added in and provided a great introduction to Rita.

The concept for the movie originated from a book called “The Gay Science,” by Friedrich Nietzsche.

The movie was filmed in Illinois because Ramis didn’t think there was a film-worthy town square in Punxsutawney and Woodstock seemed more fitting. Due to this facade, the real Punxsutawney Phil was not released for the movie.

While Murray does not know how to read music, he was able to learn Sergei Rachmaninoff's "Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini" by ear. It is him we hear playing during the scene with the piano teacher.

Bill Murray’s brother, Brian Doyle-Murray, plays the town mayor.

During the scene where Murray stuffs himself with pastries, he was offered a puke bucket but declined. Later he admitted that the excess of sweets did in fact make him sick.

The line, “be the hat,” that Phil says when he and Rita are playing cards is a reference to Caddyshack (Murray’s previous film) and the famous line, “be the ball.”

The last scene in the bed and breakfast took 25 takes. Ramis was trying to get the tone just right.

Tobolowsky (Ned Ryerson) based his character on his own insurance agent. After the film's release, the agent called Tobolowsky to thank him for portraying insurance agents so accurately rather than poking fun of them like most movies do.

Harold Ramis passed away from complications due to autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis in 2014.

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