Can You Identify These 35 Horror Movies From Just One Image?

By: Kayla McGovern
Image: Universal Pictures

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Remember which movie made you jump when a creepy girl named Samara crawled straight out of the TV screen? Know what movie featured a head-spinning girl named Regan, or a pair of terrifying twins? And what was the name of that movie with the epic shower scene? If you know the answers to all of these questions, see if you have what it takes to ace this horror movie quiz!

When you're watching a scary film, the tension tends to build over time - leaving you hanging on the edge of your seat as you wait for the hero to finally run into that killer clown or evil alien. Those scenes not only send us hiding under the covers, they also tend to burn themselves into our brains, thanks to unforgettable imagery - and the pure sense of terror they invoke.

What's really exciting about horror movies, however, is that they are so much more than pure entertainment. A 2012 study by the University of Westminster in the U.K. found that people who actively watch scary films -- jumping out of their seats, screaming at the big scares - burn about the same amount of calories that they would by talking a 30 to 40-minute walk. A separate 2003 study published in the journal "Stress" noted that watching a creepy flick promotes white blood cell activity, which can temporarily boost your immune system and even lift your mood once the credits have finished rolling.

And now it's time to check under the bed, turn on all the lights and see how you fare on this horror films quiz!

This movie is actually believed to be curse by many due to string of strange occurrences, accidents and deaths revolving around the production of this film.

The famous line "Here's Johnny" was improvised line by Jack Nicholson. In addition to that he also wrote an entire scene in the movie.

Psycho was actually the first American film to show a toilet on screen, as well as have the sound of it flushing.

Director John Carpenter originally wanted to title his film "The Babysitter Murders" but by the suggestion of the producer the name was changed to "Halloween". This was due to the belief that story would be emphasized if it surrounded a certain spooky holiday.

For Polish director Roman Polanski, Rosemary's Baby was his debut into American films.

After its box office debut, the film tanked in ratings. It was disliked by audiences and critics alike.

Babadook was actually director, Jennifer Kent's first time directing...ever. She never attended film school nor did she have any prior knowledge or experience in the film industry.

In the original film from 1974, director Tobe Hooper pursued a PG rating! Though this was before PG-13 rating existed...but still PG?? Can you imagine!

This entire film was shot in just 8 short days.

In the script called for the actors to be smoking marijuana. Instead of perhaps using a prop, the actors actually smoked marijuana. They attempted to shoot the scene with stoned actors but then had to reshoot due to their "uncontrollable behavior".

For the opening scene, the filmmakers made a deliberate attempt to do nothing short of confuse the heck out of the audience. They wanted the audience to believe that by mistake they had walked into the wrong movie.

When you think of the Halloween store ghostfaced mask you think of Scream...or at least most do. Producer Bob Weinstein originally hated the mask, even shot with other masks to find one he liked better. But in the end, he came around to liking the now iconic Scream mask.

Film creator Wes Craven said Freddy's character concept was inspired by a childhood bully by the name Fred Kreuger.

The Conjuring made a whopping total of 137 million dollars at the box office.

Throughout this entire film the word 'vampire' is only said once.

In this film, the real FBI Behavioral Science Unit actually assisted in the production.

In the original film, where the zombies are shown eating bodies in the burnt out truck, the actors were actually gnawing on roast ham covered in chocolate sauce. Gross!

The actor who played the character Damien was actually cast due to the fact when prompted by the director to act out a demanding part of the role by attacking the director, the little 4 year old did just that and went straight for the directors balls. That ballsy move got him the part...pun intended.

Real skeletons were used in the movie to increase the spook factor. Though the staff and crew became so unsettled by them they actually had an exorcism performed on set.

When this particular film came out in 1922 it was actually banned in Sweden due to "excessive horror" until 1972.

The symbol that was used for this film is actually the international symbol for blood borne bio-hazard.

Due it being far too much of a hassle to film in caves, production designer Simon Bowles created multiple cave sets at Pinewood Studio.

Suspiria was the first Italian film where they put to use the new invention of the Steadicam.

The disease that the children in the movie have is actually an extremely rare disease called xeroderma pigmentosum or XP for short. Only around a thousand people in the whole world are known to have it.

When Ash dissected the dead facehugger, they used shellfish like oysters as well as a sheep's kidney to recreate realistic organs.

In the remake in 2002, the videotape that is marked 'COPY' is actually the VHS of the original movie.

The movie 'Carrie' was the first novel written by Stephen King to be adapted into a film.

After the premiere concluded at the Odeon Leicester Square in London as the audience left the theater they were further spooked by the sounds of birds screeching and flapping coming from hidden speakers in the trees. Just in case the movie wasn't scary enough...

The zombie makeup was so ornate and grotesque that it supposedly made some of the cast physically ill to look at it.

In the box office, this film brought in a mind blowing $672,806,292.

The film's writer C. Robert Cargill was inspired to create this script after experiencing a nightmare after viewing the 2002 horror remake 'The Ring'.

For this film 25 GALLONS of fake blood was used!

In the 1973 film, the actor Christopher Lee agreed to appear in the film without being paid for it.

It took a total of six long hours to apply the prosthetic Cenobite makeup on the actor Doug Bradley.

This gory and terrifying horror movie was filmed in just 18 days.

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