91% of People Can't Guess What These Machines Do. Can You?

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There are some images here that are real giveaways. Most everyone can recognize a hair dryer, copy machine or printer. But there are some real tough ones as well. You’ll have to use your imagination to guess which one is a 3-D printer if you’ve never seen one before. Not to worry, you don’t have to guess the machine, just what it does. Ready to try your hand (or brain) at it? Click the button below to start the quiz. 

The history of machines is fascinating. Machines have extended our knowledge, power and abilities. Man’s individual strength is limited, but with the power of a machine, his strength expands to the far reaches of space and the depths of the oceans. Whether it’s a monument to a god, a house for a family or a farm to feed the community, machines have aided mankind’s growth. Throughout the years, machinery moved from outside to inside. Machinery came into the household and workplace with smaller size inventions that could open cans, toast bread and fax documents. Machines became indispensable for productivity as well as for relaxation. Will you be the one out of 10 who can guess what these machines do? Take the quiz right now to find out. Click the button below.

Despite the promises of paperless future, good old printers can be still found in any office. It's been years since we started to use the Internet, but all sorts of business documentation still needs to be printed, such as invoices, letters, packing slips, flyers, cards, etc.

Laminating machines are usually underutilized, even though they can be used for a variety of purposes from creating signs, cards, and ID badges to preserving photos.

The rowing machine requires a lot of efforts because a person has to simultaneously push with legs and pull with arms to get going. However, this machine is a real gem - it engages your muscles, burns tons of calories and just makes you stronger.

The small, convenient, handheld hair dryers were a luxury for a long time. The first household dryers first appeared in 1920, while bulky and loud blow dryers could be found in French beauty salons since 1890.

Not everyone knows it, but the elliptical is easier on your joints than the treadmill but it still burns a lot of calories (sometimes even more than other popular gym machines!). Moreover, it has an important arm components that allow for your upper body to get a workout as well, which will burn even more calories during a single workout.

A water filter has been in use for centuries. Around 500 BC, Hippocrates discovered the healing powers of water that inspired him to start the practice of sieving water. To clean polluted water, he invented the first bag filter, also known today as the 'Hippocratic sleeve'.

A shredder is a necessity in law, medicine or education, where confidentiality is a legal requirement. Tearing papers into bits by hand simply won't work - paper shredders can cut a sheet of paper into so many tiny that it becomes impossible to put them back together and recover sensitive information.

A water heater, still known as a geyser in the UK, was invented in the late 19th century by an English painter. However, his gas water heater without a vent was downright dangerous and couldn't be used in homes for long.

Today, there are only a few limited models of domestic robots available, but the home-robotics revolution is almost here. The modern domestic robots can already do a lot from washing floors, cutting the lawn, watering plants, cleaning after a cat, and vacuuming the carpet to pacifying the baby and entertaining both kids and adults!

The sewing machine is an crucial invention that started a fashion revolution in the 20th century. The Singer sewing machine, patented in 1851, impressed the whole world and even Mahatma Gandhi, who criticized all other machines, famously called it “one of the few useful things ever invented.”

About 10 years ago, the fax machine was considered an irreplaceable piece of office equipment, but today this title belongs to a scanner - a handy machine that can make electronic copies of just about any document.

Freezers are now everywhere - not only in supermarkets, offices, restaurants, and schools, but also in every American home. With the rise of frozen foods and chilled drinks (warm water, anyone?), freezers are literally irreplaceable.

The story of microwaves began in 1864, when James Maxwell Clark presented a theory that light and a magnetic field combined can travel at the speed of light. This theory was the start of electromagnetic waves and other important inventions, such as radio or TV.

Despite its name, this machine can quickly prepare various side dishes, not only brown or white rice. A lot of people mistakenly assume that it works the same way as slow cooker, but there is a major difference. Unlike slow cookers that bring foods to the correct temperature using a slow and even heat, rice cookers bring their contents to a boil as quickly as possible.

Making nicely crisp waffles from scratch at home is possible only with a waffle iron, but have you ever tried other drool-worthy things that can be made using this kitchen appliance? We are talking now about tater tots, grilled cheese, french toasts and even weirdly shaped pizza.

Who doesn't love a bowl of rich, creamy ice cream? But instead of buying a pint at the store, you can make homemade delicacy with an ice cream maker. Control all of the ingredients and experiment with flavors to make a healthier and more creative version of a popular dessert!

Despite their name, dishwashers can clean nearly anything. In addition to transforming dirty plates into clean ones, it can also clean toys, hairbrushes, Legos, garden tools, and even small trash cans!

Back in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell patented his first electric loudspeaker as part of his other invention - telephone. However, the real history of music speakers began with an improved version from Ernst Siemens that was released the following year.

The first experiments in capturing sounds began during the Industrial Revolution at the beginning of the 19th century. It took almost a century for inventors to make a recording medium that would really work - only in 1877, Thomas Edison presented his famous phonograph.

Additive manufacturing technology (or 3D printing) has been around since the '80s. The first 3D machines were in their infancy and weren’t perfect, but they inspired modern 3D printers and even small, compact 3D pens that allow people to create virtually anything without any special skills or tools.

The idea of a typewriter dates back to the beginning of the 18th century, but the first typewriter that really worked was invented only in 1808 by the Italian who was building it for his blind friend. The first commercially successful machine, Sholes & Glidden Type Writer, appeared on the American market only in 1874.

While 1839 is widely considered to be the official birth date of practical photography, the world's first photograph was taken 13 years earlier by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce.

Projectors are very simple yet fascinating little machines. One can even make a homemade projector at home - all you need is a lens, box, and your phone to start projecting images or entire movies on your wall or virtually any surface.

Excavator is a construction machine that has "an arm" with a bucket on the end that gives it the ability to reach out and down to lift or dig. This well-known machine is typically used in construction and excavating where bulky, heavy material needs to be moved from one spot to another.

The earliest telephone voice recorder was patented in 1903, and since then, recording technology has evolved. Of course, there have been earlier devices which recorded Morse code from the telegraph system, but they don’t really count - the history of voice recording officially began only in the 20th century.

Air purifiers may seem like useless machines, but they are actually capable of saving lives! Purifiers remove smaller allergens like dust, smoke, chemicals, asbestos, pollen and pet dander so people with allergies can breath freely.

Also known as an injection press, a plastic injection molding machine is widely used for manufacturing plastic products, such as toys, accessories and even lenses. There are a number of ways to make things out of plastic, each with its advantages and disadvantages, but a plastic injection molding machine offers the easiest way to get creative.

Nowadays, business simply can't function without their own labels, receipts, documents, barcodes, and cards. Barcode label printing machines keep operations of any store, restaurant, and even kiosk running smoothly and efficiently.

Automatic labeling systems can label many kinds of products including books or magazines, bakery goods, meat & dairy products, bottle caps and jars ...That's what makes an automatic labeling machine an essential part of any business.

Did you know that dry air can be downright dangerous? It can cause a lot of small health problems from itchy, irritated skin and chapped lips, but it can also worsen respiratory conditions such as asthma!

It all began with a loom, a simple device used to weave cloth and tapestry. Today, big fabrics use textile weaving machines to join two types of yarn or threads and form a fabric or cloth.

Thanks to modern technologies, namely easy-to-use key duplicating kiosks, professional key duplicators and key cutting machines that allow precisely cut high-quality keys are not in high demand anymore.

Modern tissue paper machine can supply whole paper making line also including napkins and paper towels. We bet you've never seen this machine before, but it is, in fact, one of the most widely used machines in the American factories.

Popcorn has been a popular snack food for centuries, so no wonder that there are dozens of ways to pop popcorn at home. Of course, the easiest one is to use a modern popcorn popper, a small and simple machine that fits on a kitchen counter. Other methods include popcorn pots and microwave popcorn.

Cleaning a backyard can be a real challenge without a proper equipment. High pressure washer was invented to simplify this mundane task - it can easily clean decks, patios, toys, furniture, driveways, siding, sheds, outdoor power equipment and more.

A lot of people dislike household chores, especially if it involves vacuuming or mopping. Luckily for us, we live in the 21st century and there is an easy solution - an automatic floor washing robot that can do all the dirty work for you!

Paper cup forming machines are used for making disposable paper cups like beverage cups and ice cream cups that can be seen in frozen yogurt places, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. Thanks to recycling, they are not as bad for environment as, say, 10 or 20 years ago.

Known as a combine harvester, or simply combine, this machine plays an important role in harvesting different grain crops such as wheat, oats, rye, sunflowers and more. The machine got its name because it successfully combines three separate processes in one.

As beer brewing became a popular hobby, beer brewing machines designed for countertop use appeared everywhere. They do simplify home brewing, can be controlled via mobile apps, and allow endless experimentation with the recipes. What not to love?

Drying or dehydrating food is one of the oldest and easiest methods of food preservation known to mankind. Dehydrated foods are ideal for backpacking, hiking, snacking, baking ... moreover, dried fruits are an important part of a healthy diet!

A brickworks, also known as a brick factory, is a factory for the manufacturing of bricks. Its most important part is a brick making machine that, as its name suggests, makes sturdy bricks, from clay or shale.

If you love fresh, great tasting coffee, you should grind your own coffee beans fresh for each cup, according to coffee experts. Of course, it can be time-consuming and sometimes messy, but it changes the taste of your morning coffee drastically.

A machine everybody dreams of, a money-making machine is frequently used by central banks. Even a machine of such high importance is made in China! Interesting fact: both sides of a banknote are printed at the same time and one machine can produce up to 8,000 sheets per hour.

Right after the 3D printing machine became popular, the world's first 3D printing pen for smaller projects also appeared on the marker. It's cheaper and easier to use than a full-sized machine, which makes it a perfect tool for kids or beginners who want to give a 3D modeling a try.

Household chores might feel overwhelming, but inventors keep finding new ways to make them easier. The newest invention, a robotic ironing machine named "Effie" not only dries but also presses clothes, the fact that makes her a real time-saver!

A ventilator is a machine that helps patients who can't breathe on their own. Patients in hospitals are usually placed on a ventilator because of various medical problems and depending on a condition, the ventilator can partially help with breathing or totally breathe for the patient.

Die cutting machines are important tools for quilters, artists, scrapbookers and crafters. The small machine can make unique shapes, patterns and fonts for different art projects, eliminating the need to make precise cuts on fabric, paper and other materials by hand.

Paper machines have been in use since the industrial revolution. They form paper from wood pulp, plant fiber or a mixture of wet, bleached wood pulp and recycled paper fibers.

Over the years, moulder machines became lighter, smaller and easier to use. Today, they are making cutting through wood less complicated, quicker and more accurate.

Wine making was invented by ancient peoples, but it was a time-consuming and messy process for centuries. Only recently, Philip James invented a machine that changed it all - his Miracle Machine can turn water into wine only in 3 days. The affordable device fits on a kitchen counter and can be controlled via a mobile app, so anyone can create a Merlot, Riesling or a Cabernet Sauvignon at home.

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