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Test how well you know America's famous Halloween movies here...

Sandra Bullock stars in this popular Halloween movie...

Practical Magic stars both Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, where they play non practicing witches who try and use their hereditary gift of magic to try and fix their love lives. This movie is a must-see.


Which movie features three witch sisters?

This is one of Halloween's most famous movies. Hocus Pocus features, Kathy Najimy, Bette Midler, and Sarah Jessica Parker who are sisters that are resurrected after three centuries, just in time to get witchy with all the trick-or-treaters.


The movie about a husband and wife haunting their old house?

BeetleJuice is one of Halloween's top classics. Starring Winona Ryder, before she was the mom freaked out on Stranger Things, she plays a teenager spooked by ghosts in this comedy about a husband and wife terrorizing the new owners of their old abode.


Which movie involves a wacky scientist?

Rocky Horror Picture Show is a cult musical about a couple that are forced to enter the house of a wacky scientist after their car breaks down. This is a must-watch. Watch the original before Fox airs a new Laverne Cox version on October 21st.


Which movie is a Mel Brook's masterpiece?

Young Frankenstein is a Mel Brook's masterpiece, where Gene Wilder plays Dr. Frankenstein who inherits his grandfather's estate in Transylvania and resumes his monster-making experiments with the help of servants Igor, Inga, and Frau.


Which movie is a 1984 classic...

Although the 2016 version of Ghostbusters was a fun remake, nothing beats the hilarious classic Ghostbusters of 1984 starring Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, and Sigourney Weaver, about a group of professors who inevitably must turn into ghost removers.


Which movie has an unfinished human being?

Edward Scissorhands features Johnny Depp as a scientist's creation, who dies before he can finish Edward. He ends up being found by a makeup sales lady and then falls in love with her teenage daughter. If you haven't seen this movie yet, do yourself a favor and watch it!


Which movie was directed by Rob Zombie...

House of 1000 Corpses might be Rob Zombie's most gory and violent film. This film is about two couples that are touring the back roads of America when they stumble on a ranch of cannibalistic killers. They meet characters like Captain Spaulding, a murderous clown, and the legend of Dr. Satan.


Which movie has a human eating plant?

Rock Moraines plays Seymour, a flower-shop assistant that is pining after his coworker Audrey, who happens to have a boyfriend (played by Steve Martin). But when he discovers a plant that prefers to feed on human flesh and blood... his 'boyfriend' problem is solved.


A group of con artists try and pull and fast one on them...

Anjelica Houston who plays the mother in Addams family was nominated for an Oscar for her role. In this film we see a group of con artists try and con the Addams family. They are a strange... but very loving family.


Kristy Swanson is the star of this movie...

Yes before the Tv show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, there was a film that inspired the show. Kristy Swanson plays the flighty teenager who discovers she is blessed with vampire butt-kicking powers.


Which movie features ghosts?

Christina Ricci stars in Casper, about a friendly ghost that falls in love with her. Unfortunately for Casper, his also-transparent relatives do not approve and make it very clear.


Which movie has an army of trolls?

The 90s sure knew how to do Halloween. In Ernest Scared Stupid, Ernest accidentally unless an army of trolls on a small town on October 31. It is actually really funny.


Which movie has a character that is bored of scaring people every year?

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of Tim Burton's best. When Jack Skellington, the kind of Halloween Town, gets bored scaring people every year, he decides to move to a Christmas town... then his plan goes amiss.


Which one is an animated film?

Another Tim Burton Halloween inspired tale... Corpse Bride is about a shy groom that is practicing his vows in front of a dead woman who confusedly thinks that she is now his bride.


Which movie has three siblings?

Halloweentown is a Disney Halloween classic where three siblings who aren't allowed to celebrate the holiday run away with their Halloween-living grandmother and discover that she is actually a witch from a town called Halloweentown!


Which film was made in 1996?

We are talking about the original Scream, which was made in 1996. This is the Ghostface killer makes his first appearance in the first Scream, where he is killing teenagers that are living in a small town. A girl and her friends set out to find him... not everyone survives.


Which movie is about an outcast girl?

In Carrie, Chloe plays an outcast named Carrie who is confronted with the meanest of mean girls. But she gets her revenge using telepathic powers.


Which movie is set in a Catholic prep high school?

The Craft is the Catholic prep high school film we are talking about... It involves a newcomer at the high school who falls in with a trio of outcast teenage girls who practice witchcraft. They begin to conjure up various spells and curses against those they even slightly don't like...


Which movie was made in 1978...

Halloween, made in 1978, is about a murderer who killed his brother and sister when he was little,. Because of this he was institutionalized. But... then he escapes and starts stalking someone!


This movie was made in 2013...

This is the ultimate Halloween movie for hopeless romantics. Warm Bodies is about an unusual zombie who saves a living girl instead of eating her and their budding relationship might just be what it takes to bring some life back into their post-apocalyptic world!


Which film has Shia LaBeouf?

Shia Labeouf is the lead of the film Disturbia. He plays a teen who is convinced that his neighbor is a serial killer and so he starts spying on him through the window with his binoculars... then some freaky stuff starts to happen!


Which movie has a spirit filled box?

In The Possession a young girl buys an old antique box at a garage sale. Afterwards, some pretty strange stuff starts to happen and we find out that there is a spirit living inside the box!


This film was released in 1998...

We've all thought our teachers might be from another planet sometimes, right? In Faculty, the students suspect that their teachers are aliens... their quest for the truth leads to some pretty hilarious and disturbing situations.


Which movie has a vampire neighbor?

In Let me in, Owen finds out that his neighbor Abby is a vampire, he befriends her anyway and she helps him avenge himself against his school bullies while simultaneously getting dragged into Abby's quest to escape local authors who suspect her guardian, Thomas, of being a serial killer.


Which movie is about a crush's Halloween party?

Fun Size is about a character named Wren who is having the worst Halloween ever. She is super excited about her crushes Halloween party but then she gets stuck having to babysit her little brother. Things take a turn for the worse when all of a sudden he goes missing...


Which movie was based on a true story?

Scary movies take an especially creepy feel when they are based on true stories. The Conjuring is based on real investigations of noted paranormal experts Ed and Lorraine Warren. In the film, the Perron family moves into a truly freaky-looking house in Rhode Island when increasingly strange things begin happening to them. Desperate to get rid of the spirit, the Perron's call on the Warrens to investigate.


Which film is about a horseman?

Tim Burton just doesn't quit does he! In Sleepy Hollow we watch the legend of the headless horseman unfold. Constable Ichabod Crane is sent to Sleepy Hollow to investigate a series of murders seemingly connected to the mythical horseman. This is definitely one of the most imaginative takes on this time old tale.


Which movie is about a home invasion?

Creating the illusion that the tale was inspired by real events, simple costumes, and a minimal script all led to this film successfully keeping viewers on the edge of their seats throughout the entire film. The Strangers is about a couple who find themselves terrorized by three masked assailants. An added aspect of freakiness to this tale is the apparent lack of reason on the attackers part. Yikes!


Which movie did Stephen King film?

Creepshow which features Stephen King in his acting debut, is a film comprised of five horrific tales for Halloween... Fathers Day, The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill, Something to Tide You Over, The Crate, and They're Creeping Up on You.


Which film featured zombies?

Night of the Living Dead is about seven strangers who are trapped in an American farmhouse as a horde of reanimated ghouls come to attack them. It was the firm film to give us the stereotypical zombie trend of the human "shuffler."


Which movie is a horror anthology?

This film is along the same vein as Creepshow. Trick 'r' Treat is a horror anthology with a modern take. All of the tales are tied together by the characters of the same Ohio town. This film is a must see, and reaches a very terrifying conclusion.


A film from 1980...

Our list would not be complete without this classic. The Shining has gone down in history as one of the all-time best horror movies ever. In The Shining, Jack Torrance (played by Jack Nicholson) roams the halls of the haunted Overlook Hotel. With only his family for company, Jack is cut off from civilization for the winter. We watch whether he holds onto his sanity or succumbs to the evil within the walls....


Wes Craven directed this film...

Nightmare on Elm Street showcases Wes Craven at the pinnacle of his directing career in horror films. In this movie, the character Nancy, a tormented girl who struggles sleeping. Nancy uncovers the legend of a town killer named Freddy. After being burned alive years ago, Freddy is back to haunt the teenagers of Elm Street in their dreams.


Movie with the quote, "Death has come to your little town, sheriff."

The film Halloween tells the story of a Midwestern town of Haddonfield which is terrorized when resident and serial killer Michael Myers returns to the town. Chased by psychiatrist Dr. Loomis, Michael returns to wreak havoc on a babysitter and her friends. This is the start of the babysitter-thriller genre, Halloween is the daddy of all October 31st films.


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