89% of people can't name the Saw movie in each of these scenes. Can you?

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The "Saw" franchise focuses on a killer named Jigsaw, who through emotional and physical manipulation is able to get people to kill either themselves or others. Are you a fan of the "Saw" franchise? Take this quiz to see if you can pick out which scene is from which "Saw" movie.

The original "Saw" movie was filmed with no rehearsal time and completed in just eighteen days!

The pig carcasses in Saw III were fake, made with foam and latex. However, the maggots inside - those were real!

Contrary to the standard horror movie trope of killing off the helpless female characters, every character who died in the original "Saw" movie was male.

"Saw V" sees veteran production team member David Hackl make his debut as a director. It's also the only "Saw movie he directed.

This was the first of the "Saw" movies to feature a morgue scene, when an autopsy is performed on John Kramer. He actually died in "Saw III."

The needle pit trap contained over 120,000 syringes, each of which had the needle replaced with fiber for safety. It took four days and four people to do this!

This movie was originally planned to be released in two parts, but after "Saw VI" performed below expectations at the box office, the team decided to make it into one final movie. However, a new "Saw" movie is scheduled for release in late 2017!

In the scene where actress Debra McCabe is frozen, the set was actually hot. Her frosty breath was added in later.

Shawnee Smith (Amanda) was pregnant during the filming of this movie, but she kept it a secret, worried that her role might be reduced.

"The Final Chapter" was the only one to feature an outdoor trap that happened in daylight. Therefore, it's the only outdoor trap shown in 3D!

The "Saw" movies were released one year apart, always in October. Just in time for Halloween, of course!

The carousel trap in this movie runs for around eight minutes and is the longest trap scene in the franchise. It was originally going to be even more complex, with ten victims tied to the carousel.

Originally, the movie was set to take place in an elevator, but they later decided to make it a bathroom instead. All of the bathroom scenes were shot chronologically, to help the actors feel the progression.

This was the movie in the franchise to involve nudity. The actress wasn't fully nude, though - she wore a mirkin, which is a small, strategically placed wig.

The knife trap, which features in "Saw IV," is later revealed to be Jigsaw's first trap. This looks horribly nasty, even though the knives were actually made of wood.

This movie sees the return of Cary Elwes, as Dr. Gordon from the original movie. Producers had asked him to return earlier, but he held out until the final movie. The joke's on him, since a new installment is coming in 2017!

The first trap in Saw 4 is the mausoleum trap. Art couldn't speak and Trevor couldn't see, because their lips and eyes were sewn shut!

The pendulum trap in this movie was surely inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's "The Pit and the Pendulum." The victim could choose between a pendulum slice to the abdomen or hand-crushers to the... hands.

"Saw III" began filming before the script writing was complete, meaning that several scenes were improvised on the fly. Some scenes were shot more than once, with different twists.

The mounted blade trap was all about working together. Instead, participants killed each other off, making the end of the trap much more brutal than it would have been if everyone had made it to the end.

A pig's uterus was used for the gore in the scene from Amanda's trap. That sounds just offal!

The movie had to be edited and resubmitted six times to be approved for an R rating. Maybe that had something to do with the 25-plus gallons of fake blood they used.

This fifth film marks the first time a character does not say "game over" near the end. After all, they were wrong the other four times.

This was the only movie in the franchise not to earn over $100 million at the box office. The lower profit caused decision-makers to reduce the total number of yearly "Saw" movies from a planned eight to the ultimate seven.

Donnie Wahlberg's appearance in this movie was a well-kept secret. When rumors did start to circulate, he issued a press release, denying that he would be in "Saw III."

The autopsy scene at the beginning of this installment was originally supposed to come at the end of "Saw III." The body cast for actor Tobin Bell took two weeks to prepare.

Only three of the actors in this movie were from the original movie. They are Shawnee Smith, Tobin Bell and Dina Meyer.

Actor Mark Rolston grew a mustache for his part in "Saw V." His wife and daughter hated it.

This movie features the reverse bear trap and is the first time a trap has been reused in the series. No big deal - the trap is merely attached to your jaw and spring loaded to tear the top half of your head off.

The garage trap in this movie was planned to be in an earlier movie, but the team deemed it too disturbing. They obviously changed their minds when the final film was made!

The original movie posters for "Saw II" featured severed fingers for the Roman numerals. This was deemed to be a bit rough, so new-and-improved posters were issued.

This one features the death of Eric Matthews during the ice block trap. He tried to avoid playing the game by jumping off the ice block, attempting to hang himself. Ultimately, he's crushed to death instead.

The traps in this movie were often based on nightmares the writers suffered from as children. Yikes! Good thing they didn't write "Monsters, Inc."

The last scene in this movie shows why it's important to listen to all of Jigsaw's instructions. Strahm is crushed to death after failing to do so.

Although not mentioned in the credits, filmmaker Rob Zombie helped to edit the gory scenes to ensure the movie wouldn't be banned. Zombie dealt with this issue when he made "House of 1000 Corpses."

Filmed the more traditional way, the trap scenes in this movie were all recorded last. Everything was more complicated, due to shooting in 3D.

Arguably the most gruesome traps are in this fifth installment. All of the traps in this movie were centered around the need for teamwork - something the players just didn't seem to grasp.

The idea for the franchise came about when co-writer Leigh Whannell thought he had a brain tumor and thought about what someone unhinged would do if they had a limited time to live. That's an imaginative leap, for sure.

The filming of this movie used more than twenty-five gallons of fake blood! For a while, it was banned in Germany.

Due to the tiny budget for the movie, no scenes were filmed outside. The audience had other things to worry about, besides the lack of sunshine and scenery.

"Saw V" featured five people being tested. This was the first "Saw" movie in which the numbers lined up so nicely.

This movie sold the most DVDs out of the whole franchise, selling over 3 million copies in the first week alone. Who knew bathroom scenes would be so popular?

This whole movie was shot in a large studio in Toronto. The same was true for "Saw II."

Twisted Pictures, a division of Evolution Entertainment, owes its existence to the success of the "Saw" franchise. Along with a number of horror films, the company has released "Saw"-themed video games.

The Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team is owned by "Saw" producer Oren Koules. He is a partner in Twisted Pictures. He was an executive producer for "Two and a Half Men," as well - a different kind of scary situation.

Many people believed "Saw III" would be the last movie, after the death of John Kramer, but "Saw IV" showed how he had successfully manipulated others to take his place.

Originally, this movie was going to be called "The Desperate," but ultimately it was changed to the straightforward "Saw II."

While never mentioned in the movie, the Jigsaw puppet was named Billy in the scripts. What a deceptively friendly name!

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