89% of people can't name all of these Super Bowl commercials from an image. Can you?

By: J. Scott Wilson
Image: Youtube

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The Super Bowl is a time-honored tradition of getting together with friends, donning football jerseys, dipping chips, and watching your favorite commercials. Due to the Super Bowl's high visibility, companies will pay millions of dollars for a 30-second commercial, often airing some of their best commercials of the year. Do you think you know your Super Bowl commercials? Take this quiz and see how well you score!

Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like was a tremendously popular self-parodying commercial series. The Old Spice Man, Isaiah Mustafa, has gone on to a burgeoning TV career, starring in the Shadowhunters TV series.

Doritos: House Rules featured a young man showing up for a date with a single mother. He reaches for a chip, and the woman's son slaps his hand and informs him he's to keep his hands off the chips and "my mother." It was a fan favorite!

Reebok's Terry Tate: Office Linebacker commercials tapped into the dreams of everyone who's ever dwelt in a cubicle farm. Who wouldn't want to have the guy monopolizing the copier removed by a blindside tackle?

Fans of Betty White love the contradiction of her salty humor and saintly appearance. Snickers played on this as part of their long-running series on people not being themselves when they're hungry, to hilarious effect.

The Where's the Beef? campaign that Wendy's ran lodged itself in the national consciousness, even making it into a Ronald Reagan speech. However, it failed in one great respect: A large percentage of people who knew the tagline couldn't identify what company it belonged to!

The Career Builder: Monkeys campaign was targeted at people who already had jobs, but were frustrated with their co-workers and working environment. Who hasn't thought that a trained monkey could do the job better than the guy in the next office? This let that idea run free ... and eat bananas.

E-Trade broke the mold with this bizarre commercial, which featured two guys in flannel shirts and a chimp in a company T-shirt grooving to Latin music. It worked, since the company weathered the dotcom bust and now trades all over the world.

Doritos: Time Machine gave us Jimmy and a refrigerator box labeled "Time Machine." In a move straight out of Calvin & Hobbes, he suckers a neighbor into "depositing" his bag of Doritos to make the time travel happen.

Avocados from Mexico: First Draft Ever imagined the allocation of all the Earth's plants and animals as a draft process. The poor polar bear in a sombrero gets passed over for the avocado, and the rest is history.

Doritos: When Pigs Fly was part of the brand's incredibly successful Crash the Super Bowl contest, using ads designed by the public. In this one, a kid with a stunning resemblance to Ralphie from "A Christmas Story" straps a rocket to a porker to earn a bag of Doritos from a farmer.

Does God have a cell phone? This apocalyptic big-budget commercial postulates what might happen if the Almighty's battery failed, with dogs walking humans, a priest looting a store while a cop watches, a hurricane in the Midwest, and more.

The actor with a "specific set of skills," Liam Neeson, threatens to go after another player who's stealing his gold in this minute-long spot. Clash of Clans led the $25 billion smartphone gaming market, so the $9 million this commercial cost was money well spent.

Like reggae music? Need some glue? This commercial had you covered. Loctite: Positive Feelings featured an odd array of people using the company's product to repair everything from unicorn horns to eyeglasses.

Kia played on Pierce Brosnan's Bond past with this spot, which had him driving a Sorento up a snowy mountain road to a mountain cabin where a beautiful woman met him. He, of course, expected snipers and missile launchers along the way, not owls and a moose.

Mercedes-Benz: Fable re-imagined the classic tortoise vs. hare race. What if the shelled fellow happened upon a Mercedes-Benz factory in the woods and appropriated a coupe to win the race?

Snickers continued the "You're not yourself when you're hungry" campaign, this time with Machete star Danny Trejo standing in for Marcia Brady. I wouldn't want to hit HIM in the nose with a football!

What aisle seat occupant hasn't looked with dread at the people getting on after him, dreading to see which one would occupy the middle seat? Our hero here fakes a cold, among other things, before using Doritos to lure in an attractive seatmate ... who has a baby along!

Skittles is known for some pretty odd commercials, and this one was no different. A town full of arm wrestlers compete over the supposedly rare lemon Skittle. A 60-second version even comes with a twist ending!

When you've got a great idea, keep running with it. Snickers did that with this variation on the "You're not you" theme, which featured Willem Dafoe transforming into Marilyn Monroe after a bite of a Snickers. Might want to check that candy for ... additives.

Doritos: Swipe Dating was another Crash the Super Bowl public-generated winner, this time with a dating-app user moving past a dominatrix, a goth, and various others before stopping on Doris Roberts with a bag of Doritos. She proclaims she's a "youthful 32" while offering the bag, then swipes left on our hero and enjoys her chips!

Bud Light: Election Party seemed poised to cash in on election fatigue, especially with stars Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen. However, the campaign was scrapped because it turns out the public was so sick of politics, they didn't get the jokes.

Marmot: Love the Outside introduced the outdoor equipment brand to the Super Bowl 50 audience by showing the company mascot going camping with a human. All went well, until the biped tried to steal a kiss from his furry friend.

T-Mobile went after the streaming music market with this commercial, which spoofed "other" carriers' restrictions on things like data and roaming. Hip-hop king Drake pulled off a fantastic straight-man performance to sell the spot.

This Prius commercial, which featured a quartet of inept bank robbers making their getaway in the car and becoming cross-country celebrities, scored with viewers. However, an online campaign castigated the company for glorifying criminal behavior. It was widely ignored and mocked.

Yep, it's another Crash the Super Bowl winner! This one features a trio of pooches frustrated at their attempts to get Doritos from a grocery store ... until they put on a trench coat and go shopping human-style.

Doritos: Ultrasound is easily the most wince-inducing Crash the Super Bowl contender ever. We see the baby in the ultrasound moving around, chasing Dad's hand holding a Dorito. But when Mom grabs the bag and throws it past her feet ... well, you can just guess the ending.

First came the draft, now the Avocados from Mexico people send their product into space. In an alien museum, we see a Rubik's cube, an airplane seat (described as a torture device), and Scott Baio before the tour group comes upon and marvels at the avocado.

Remember the Dancing Baby from the '90s? This is creepier, with a fast-talking infant making stock deals right and left while hiding his stash from his mom. It ran over a number of commercials, after which the baby no doubt bought a private island with an unlimited supply of Gerber.

This Tea Party commercial might be the funniest of all the Crash the Super Bowl contestants, with first dad, then his buddies, donning dresses and putting on makeup for a tea party with a little girl. Of course, they're given Doritos for their trouble. "Brad, is that my wedding dress?"

The Tom Hanks movie Cast Away was a great commercial for FedEx, and this commercial plays on that. The company pokes a bit of fun at itself, with a formerly marooned employee delivering a package, only to find it contained everything he would have needed to survive well and get rescued.

This series of ads for mortgage company Ameriquest featured people caught in what seemed to be compromising positions. Some of them were borderline obscene, but all were hilarious. It didn't save the company, though, which was shut down in 2007.

"Anyone can herd cattle. Holding together 10,000 half-wild shorthairs, that's a different thing altogether." That's the kind of thinking information services provider EDS used to sell this spot, and its services. No cats were harmed in the making of this commercial.

Heinz stole some thunder from the Puppy Bowl with this spot, which featured a horde of Dachshunds in hot dog costumes sprinting across a field toward a line of people wearing costumes depicting all the company's condiments. It was all part of the "Meet the Ketchups" campaign, which sought to get the word out that Heinz offered more than one product. News to me!

Shock Top's Unfiltered Talk commercials featured comedian T.J. Miller having conversations with a Shock Top beer dispenser handle. This aired in the second half of the game, when those indulging in adult beverages might not have found the idea so odd.

Alec Baldwin and Dan Marino swap Alexa-enabled smackdowns in this Amazon ad for the home assistant device. Bonus: Marino snacks from what has to be the most amazing football food spread in history.

Website design company Squarespace let Jeff Bridges operate in full-on Zen mode for this commercial, which advertised both the company and The Dude's sleep tapes website. After hearing him Om, it was hard to get revved up for the second half.

Bryan Cranston returned as Breaking Bad antihero Walter White for this Esurance spot. While he's great in it, the commercial was widely panned for slow pacing and repetitiveness. In other news: People actually review commercials.

Sprint: Crime Deterrent is a blast from the past, with two guys bragging about the features of their flip phones. The "crime deterrent" feature involves hurling the phone at the attacker's head, but why would you do that with a piece of high technology that can check email and let you watch live TV? Besides, those old phones were heavy ... you could crack a skull.

Only Quiznos horrifying spongemonkeys commercials approached the weirdness of the Mountain Dew Puppymonkeybaby spot. It's supposed to exemplify the "three great things in one" concept of Kickstart, but all it does is make me think the ad agency behind it was drinking something stronger than soda.

Butterfinger made use of the much-derided Facebook autoplay videos to tease this ad campaign, which among other things featured a bull rider jumping out of an airplane while eating a Butterfinger. There's a "ground beef" joke to be made here, presuming the parachute malfunctioned.

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