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Oh, the garage. It's your favorite part of the house. But who are we kidding here? You don't keep your car in the garage. In fact, you might keep everything but the car in the garage. 

You love fixing cars. You love fixing up and repairing your home, and let's not forget your lovely garden that you spend so many hours working on — so many hours! From saws and hammers to ladders and tool belts, can you name all of these tools you might find in your garage? If you are the home DIYer we think you are, then you should have no problem. But if your days aren't spent adding on new additions to your home or building tree houses for your kids, then you might have to pull up some of that lost knowledge about basic tools. 

Do you know what a ball-peen hammer is compared to a sledgehammer? What's the difference between a Phillips and a flathead screwdriver? Using the right tool for the job means knowing what the different tools are. 

So, is your garage organized enough for you to identify the tools lingering about? If you think you have the tools and knowledge to take on this quiz, it's time to stop reading and get to work!

Which essential tool is shown here?

Henry Phillips invented the Phillips-head screwdriver in the late 1920s. Don't get it confused with the vodka drink that's also named the screwdriver!


What is the name of this useful tool?

What could you use a floor jack for? It has many uses and is especially handy for car repair work. This tool can get your car partially off the ground, giving you room to work underneath it, or to do jobs like changing the tires.


Can you identify this tool?

Pry bars are not only the tool of choice for burglars, but are also great for separating materials. They come in different lengths and levels of thickness, so you can pry apart big and little items.


What is this tool used to tighten and remove bolts?

The advantage of a socket wrench is that different sizes of sockets can be attached to it, giving you multiple tools in one. They often come in packs with a socket wrench and multiple sockets of varying sizes.


What is the very basic tool shown here?

What does it mean to be "as tough as nails"? This is a saying describing how mentally, emotionally, and/or physically strong or determined a person is. Try breaking or bending a nail and you'll understand the saying!


What is this tool that's also known as a hex key?

This tool was called a hex key until 1910, when it began to be known by its current name. William Allen created it; however, there were many other inventors and patents for similar tools around the same time.


Can you name this handy tool?

This is a mechanical screwdriver that saves your wrist from injury and stress by using its internal ratcheting system. Save yourself the work and buy one of these!


What is this sharp tool called?

As its name implies, this knife is utilitarian. It could be used to cut boxes, shingles, tar paper and much more. Its convenient and safe retractable blade makes it a good tool to carry in your pocket.


Which basic tool is pictured here?

Although they seem like a simple, generic object, there are many different types of screws. Some of these include drywall screws, concrete, flathead and Phillips.


What's this tool that's good for use in tight spaces?

This tool is the combination of a socket wrench and a box wrench, making it a more ergonomic choice than the box wrench. It is a good tool to use in tight places, like an engine compartment.


Can you name this spreading tool?

This wide knife is commonly used for working with drywall and spackling. It could also be used by artists and craftsmen for handiwork.


What is this tool with a symmetrical head?

This is a large metal hammer, designed to drive stakes into the ground. The head of a club hammer is symmetrical.


Which cutting tool is shown in this picture?

This hacksaw can cut nearly any material. It is a staple for any plumber, mechanic or handyman.


Can you name this hand tool?

The classic tool of the sheriff’s prisoner work crew, the pickaxe is great for mining or digging ore from the earth. It generally has a metal head and a wooden handle.


What is this effective tool?

This file has smaller, tighter machined cuts to aid in filing metal. It is used in a unidirectional motion.


Which everyday tool is pictured here?

This tool is used for measuring. A tape measure comes in a multitude of lengths and has increments of inches and/or centimeters.


Can you name this cutting tool?

Snips are scissors for sheet metal. Watch those fingers; these babies can cut through some seriously tough material.


What is this tool that's often used by carpenters?

A combination square is good for measuring a 90- or 45-degree angle. Generally used by carpenters, this tool has a metal rule that can slide and be locked in multiple positions.


What is this common plumber's tool called?

This tool is used primarily by plumbers. It is adjustable in size by the knurled knob on the side, and gets a great grip on pipes.


Can you name this tool that often comes in sets?

Used to remove nuts and bolts, sockets come in a variety of sizes, measured by the diameter of the bolt or nut head.


What is this strong-gripping tool called?

This tongue and groove plier adjusts to multiple sizes. It has incredible grip with its serrated jaws and long hand grip.


Which sharp snipping tool is shown here?

Side-cutting pliers are great for cutting copper wire. Instead of a flat edge like traditional pliers, this tool has an angled cutting edge that snips wire effectively.


Which carving or cutting tool is pictured?

This tool is great for installing hinges into door jambs. One end is sharp, for cutting wood, while the other end is blunt for hitting with a hammer.


Can you identify this multipurpose tool?

The Leatherman Multi-Tool is the Swiss Army knife on steroids, with a file, scissors, knife, screwdrivers and more! Make MacGyver proud — buy yours today!


What is the name of this measurement tool?

An ohmmeter measures electrical resistance in a given circuit or electrical component. This electrical tool can help keep you safe, Sparky!


Which cutting tool is pictured?

This tool effectively cuts wood, metal, or plastic. A handsaw can be used for very controlled, lower volume cutting.


What is this type of basic tool?

There are different types of screwdrivers, so be careful to choose the correct one. A Phillips-head screwdriver will not fit all screws!


Can you name this marking tool?

The chalk line is a marking tool. It is used in general construction when a long straight line needs to be marked, often on a floor for laying tile.


What is this common tool?

The shovel is used for digging. It has a pointed metal head and flat spots to press into with your feet.


This measurement tool is called:

A level is used to make sure a given surface is perfectly horizontal or plumb. It utilizes a bubble that tells you when the object is level or plumb; you can see the air bubble in the liquid through a window in the tool.


What is this gripping tool?

The vise is a pair of pliers that has a special cam action system that can grip materials with extra power. The grip is adjusted by a hex head or knurled knob that is built into the handle of the pliers. The vise can continue to clamp without the user’s hand squeezing it the whole time.


Can you name this adjustable tool?

It has an adjustable jaw to accompany multiple sizes of bolts.


What is this pounding tool?

This hand tool is used to pound nails. A framer and woodworker would use this tool. The nonstriking side of the hammer is split like a claw and used to remove unwanted nails.


This photo shows which tool often used in metalworking?

This hammer is generally used in metalworking. One end of the tool is like a traditional hammer, while the other end is rounded like a ball to aid in shaping metal.


What is this practical item called?

Use this cord when you can’t quite reach the wall plug! Extension cords come in many sizes and generally have a grounded plug to make sure you don’t get electrocuted.


This item will help you reach new heights:

Don't walk underneath one of these — it's said to be bad luck! This superstition has been around for hundreds of years, from the Christian faith and/or an association the ladder had with gallows. Either way, spitting after walking under a ladder is said to fend off the bad luck.


What is this efficient tool called?

Generally used as a more efficient, more powerful screwdriver, the cordless drill uses a rechargeable battery to power the tool versus a cord plugged into the wall. This tool has a center spinning chuck that can house a drill bit or a screwdriver head (Phillips or flat), as well as other attachments used for construction purposes.


Can you name this cutting and holding tool?

Did you know where the word "pliers" originates? The term comes from the French word "plier," which means "to bend," and the Latin world "plicare," which means "to fold."


What are these hole-making tools?

Drill bits come in a variety of sizes, denoted by diameter. They are used for drilling holes in various materials.


What is this hanging tool?

Wall anchors are used to hang heavier objects from a wall constructed of a semi-porous or brittle substance, like drywall. Wall anchors are generally made from plastic or metal, with a screw in the center that expands when tightened, allowing for a great load capacity.


What is this tool-holding container?

What's in a toolbox? Typically, the most commonly used tools are kept here: screwdrivers, nails, a hammer and a level are just a few items that one could find in a toolbox.


What's the name of this accessory?

A toolbelt is worn around the waist for convenience. It allows the worker to be hands-free and have his or her most-needed tools right at the hip.


What are these protective items called?

These babies will keep your hands nice and soft when working with hand tools. These are good for protecting your hands or keeping them warm when performing manual labor.


Can you identify this important item?

Use these glasses to protect your baby blues! Whether you are using pneumatic tools, hand tools or a leafblower, safety glasses keep you from going to the doctor’s office to remove foreign objects from your eyes.


What's this tool that's good for use in the dark?

The flashlight is a tool that usually requires batteries. Make sure you have some AAs on hand! A candle or large campfire could help you in case you forget this important tool.


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