89% of People Can't Identify All of These Home Kitchen Tools. Can You?

By: Kennita Leon
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About This Quiz

Chefs and caterers aren't the only people who know their way around a kitchen. In fact, the average person should be able to score at least 80 percent on this quiz! You see, kitchens are like powder rooms, sunrooms or mud rooms; we use them every single day. Whether it's for cooking or just to give ourselves a plate of food, we are all, in some way, shape or form, familiar with the tools that are used there. 

So today, we want you to look at a few pictures of popular and well-known tools that are used in the kitchen. We want you to identify these tools by choosing the correct option of what they are. If you're worried about choosing an incorrect answer, we've added some hints that make the right option more than obvious. So what are you waiting for?

If you think you've got what it takes to be in the 11 percent of people who can identify ALL of these kitchen tools, get started on this quiz! Will you be able to become Gordon Ramsay's sous chef by the end of it, or will you become one of the stars of Worst Cooks in America? Let's find out! 

A ladle is a type of spoon used for scooping soup or sauce. It has a cup-shaped end and long handle.

Derived from the Latin word "spatha," meaning a flat piece of wood, a spatula has a flat metal or plastic blade attached to a wooden or plastic handle.

A flat tray used for baking, baking sheets are also referred to as sheet pans or baking trays.

A refrigerator is an electrical appliance used for storing, preserving and cooling foods.

Oven mitts or oven gloves are a pair of protective gear used in the kitchen to protect users' hands from heat.

Used to grate foods into finer pieces for cooking, graters are metal kitchen utensils. They often have several sides with different shapes.

An electrical appliance, a blender usually sits atop the counter. It is used for blending fruits and vegetables for smoothies and juice.

Tongs serve as a pair of hands. They are used to grip and lift foods like salads or while grilling.

A kitchen scale is a small scale used specifically for weighing food condiments. It often measures a maximum weight of fifteen pounds.

Used for the spreading butter onto bread, a butter knife has a smooth, dull, rounded edge.

An essential cooking tool, pots are made of metal. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes with metal or insulated handles.

Introduced in 1946, microwaves use electromagnetic radiation to cook and heat food quickly and evenly.

A spoon is a type of utensil used for eating. It consists of a handle and a shallow, round scoop to the end.

A mechanical device used for cleaning dishes, the modern dishwasher was invented in 1929. Earlier inventions during the nineteenth century were hand-powered.

Known as a garlic crusher in the United Kingdom, a garlic press is used for crushing garlic cloves through a grid of holes.

A handle attached to a bunch or wire loops, a whisk is used to mix and incorporate air into a mixture. It is popularly used for eggs in baking.

A pressure cooker is a special pot used for tenderizing. A combination of boiling water and tightly sealed top increase the pressure inside the pot.

Normally found beneath the stove, an oven is used for baking or drying foods.

Strongly resembling a frying pan, sauté pans have a wide flat base and long handle.

Also referred to as a citrus juicer, lemon presses may be manual or electrical. They are used for efficiently squeezing the juice out of citrus fruit.

Knives often become dull due to constant use and oxidation. A knife sharpener is used to grind against the knife to restore its sharpness.

A vegetable peeler comprises of a handle attached to a slotted blade. It is used to remove the peel of vegetables, like potatoes.

A countertop appliance, juicers extract the juice from vegetables and fruits by crushing and blending them.

Scissors made specifically for use while cooking, kitchen shears have pairs of small serrated blades on the inner side of their handles.

Using gas or electricity, stoves produce heat that's output through differently-sized burners.

A stand mixer is a tool used primarily by bakers, that allows them to mix ingredients without using their hands.

Used for piercing or cutting open cans, can openers are available as small hand tools or larger mechanical appliances.

A potato masher is a utensil used for crushing soft foods. It is often a handle attached to a metal grill end.

Measuring spoons are a group of metal or plastic spoons of various sizes used for measuring liquid and dry ingredients.

An important tool today, coffeemakers combine hot water and coffee grinds before filtering them to produce coffee.

Used for mixing ingredients and food, mixing bowls are large, deep, round open-top containers.

Considered to be a small chef knife, paring knives have plain-edged blades and are used for peeling and seeding.

A cutting board or chopping board is a plank of plastic or wood atop which foods are chopped into smaller pieces.

A bowl-shaped utensil with holes, colanders are used for draining food, like rice and pasta.

Often mistaken with sauté pans, a frying pan has a large flat base and long handle. It is sold without a lid.

Corkscrews consist of a metallic helix attached to a head or handle. They are used for pulling corks out of wine bottles.

Thermometers are used for measuring temperature. They are made up of a bulb end and a scaled body.

A small hand tool, also referred to as a pepper grinder, a peppermill is used for grinding peppercorns into flakes.

Timers are used to count down or time during meal preparations. Most stoves are made with built-in timers.

Forks are utensils used to spear food. They have long handles and tines on the opposite end, that allows the user to pierce food.

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