88% of People Can't Identify These Household Tools from an Image. Can You?

By: Kennita Leon
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When it comes to using tools around the house, all of us know how to use a nail and hammer. There are even a few of us who know how to use power drills, but that's as far as it goes. In fact, you may be one of the many people who have a handyman on speed dial just in case anything goes wrong- and there's nothing wrong with that. But how clueless are you really when it comes to the tools we use in and around our houses? Can you identify the 40 we're about to show you, or do you keep asking your plumber, gardener and electrician "What's that?" every time they pull out something new? 

Like we said, we're testing your household tools knowledge. While most of the tools are easy items that you've learned about long before you hit puberty, some are not so easy. So, we've added some hints to this quiz that will help you out if you get in a jam. Are you ready for us to find out if you can replace your handyman (or woman) if he or she isn't available, or if you should invest in a 'Household Tools for Dummies' book? 

Used for the tightening of screws in appliances and upholstery, a screwdriver typically has a handle and a flat-ended shaft. They are often manual, although some may be powered.

An essential tool for interior works, nail sets are metallurgically designed, making them tough enough to drive nails and soft enough to be repeatedly hit.

With its wrench-like appearance, a wire stripper is a small tool used for removing the electrical insulation in wires.

Constructed of wood, plastic or metal, ladders are vertical structures used for accessing heights. They often need to be leaned against a surface, although some are self-supportive.

Physically bigger than the ordinary hammer, a sledgehammer has a large head that allows it to deliver a greater force to a wider area.

One of the best adhesive tapes, duct tape is sticky magic that can be used to seal anything from pipes to appliances.

A highly necessary tool in every household, plungers are composed of a suction cup made of rubber and a handle.

Used for sweeping and dusting, brooms are made available in a variety of lengths and materials. They may be soft or hard, depending on their intended purpose.

Available in several colors, lengths and sizes, extension cords are lengths of electrical cable containing a socket on one end and a plug on the other.

A bow saw is most popularly used in woodwork to cross-cut wood. The tool is made of a toothed blade held in a bow-shaped frame.

Ohmmeters are tools used for measuring the resistance present to an electrical current. Some are built to measure higher resistances than others.

More commonly referred to as a crowbar, a pry bar is a long metal tool with one flat end and one curved end. It is used as a lever.

Considered a broom for outside or horticultural use, a rake consists of a toothed bar attached to a handle. It is used for weeding, loosening of soil and collecting leaves or grass.

Classified by length, the pipe wrench also referred to as the Stillson wrench in the U.K., is used for adjusting soft iron pipes.

A necessary tool in carpentry, the chalk line or chalk box consists of a line reel and line coated in chalk. It is used for marking straight lines on surfaces.

A step stool is a small stool normally used for reaching higher places. Some step stools can be folded away.

Used to drive nails, break apart objects and forge metal, a hammer is a hand tool used to deliver blows.

Available as a manual or mechanical tool, the wood chisel is used for carving and cutting wood.

Somewhat identical to the mask worn by surgeons, the dust mask is placed over the mouth and nose to avoid inhalation of dust.

Made by joining two levers away from the middle, pliers are believed to have been developed from tongs.

Manufactured by the WD-40 company of California, the WD-40 spray lube is a water-displacing spray made of penetrating oils.

A socket wrench set consists of a socket wrench and a variety of attachable socket heads. Together they are used to turn fasteners.

Available in different shapes and sizes, drill bits are attachable cutting tools used with drills to create holes.

A popular measuring tool, a tape measure or measuring tape is essentially a flexible ruler made of a ribbon of cloth coated with plastic.

Used for woodworking, metal files are made with different textures, cutting teeth styles and surfaces.

Used for woodworking, metal files are made with different textures, cutting teeth styles and surfaces.

Comprised of a long handle, usually made of wood, attached to a blade, a shovel is used for digging and lifting.

Electrically powered, the circular saw makes use of a toothed blade to cut through wood and other materials.

Originally a fixed blade knife, the utility knife is now retractable. They are used for general and utility purposes.

Also known as shears, snips are hand tools that employ the use of the leverage system to lighten workloads.

Historically known as a scroll saw, jigsaws use an electric motor and reciprocating saw blade.

A putty knife is a hand tool made of a handle and blade. It is used specifically for glazing windows.

Also called a bubble level or spirit level, the level is used to determine whether a surface is level.

Safety glasses or safety goggles are protective eyewear worn to prevent substances from entering the eyes.

Electrically powered, vacuums suck up dirt, dust and other particles from surfaces, leaving them clean.

Used in carpentry, the square tool, or steel square, consists of a long and short arm joined at a right angle.

Referred to as a torch beyond the North American borders, a flashlight is a portable light source often powered by batteries.

Used to bore holes or fasten attachments, a power drill is usually attached to the head of a drill bit or driver bit.

As the name would suggest, an adjustable wrench has a movable jaw that allows it to be adjusted to different nut sizes.

A hose is a cylindrical tube often made of rubber. It is used as an extension of a pipe to carry fluids.

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