88% of people can't guess an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie from just one image! Can you?

By: J. Scott Wilson
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Arnold Schwarzenegger has appeared in more than 30 films! His roles range from playing a silent character and appearing for just one scene, to playing the leading role and appearing in almost every scene. Even if you live under a rock, you have probably heard of or seen some of these films. So how good is your memory? Can you identify Arnold's movies by looking at a single image? Find out with this quiz!

This scene is from 1987's Predator. So many quotable lines in this movie! My favorite is Jesse Ventura's "I ain't got time to bleed."

Arnie's foray into big-budget sci-fi is a great flick - Total Recall. Michael Ironside makes a great villain, and the sets are fantastic.

Commando was Arnie at his bomb-tossing best. Worth watching for the use of circular saw blades as Frisbees.

In Kindergarten Cop, Arnie does comedy and does it well! Best line? "It's not a tumah!"

Arnie's Terminator is the good guy in this sequel, battling a liquid-metal Terminator that set new standards for special effects.

Conan the Barbarian was how most of us met Arnie. James Earl Jones stole the show as the bad guy, Thulsa Doom, and Arnie wasn't given very much dialogue.

Which movie title corresponds with this scene?

The Terminator spawned dozens of imitators, but none of their bad guys could match Arnie's implacable sense of menace. The 1984 classic was written and directed by James Cameron.

This Jumanji-inspired flick had Arnie playing a fictional action hero who comes to life thanks to a magical movie ticket. Last Action Hero is fun for the kids!

Jamie Lee Curtis joins Arnie for an action/romantic comedy with second banana Tom Arnold. True Lies is a fun ride.

It's hard to believe Batman & Robin is Arnie's only foray into superhero movie territory. His Mr. Freeze was just about the only bright spot in this mess.

Perhaps the weirdest movie concept in history: Arnie and Danny DeVito are twins. Danny definitely carries the humor here.

Kristanna Loken plays a female Terminator here, in Terminator 3, and she projects almost the same implacable menace as Arnie in the original.

In Eraser, Arnie's a witness protection specialist who gets suspicious of his co-workers. Then things start exploding.

Any parent who's ever hunted for the hot Christmas toy will sympathize with Jingle All the Way. Hilarious!

Arnie with the other Belushi, Jim, in a fairly generic buddy-cop comedy drama. Walter Hill directed 1988's Red Heat.

The only thing scarier than one Arnie is two, and in this futuristic thriller he stumbles on a world domination plot involving clones. The 6th Day was released in 2000.

Know how sometimes a movie series goes one step too far? This Conan spinoff was that one. Red Sonja was released in 1985.

Here's the original Arnie, all muscle and no dialogue. 1977's Pumping Iron explores the world of bodybuilding competitions, such as Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia.

It's Satan vs. Schwarzenegger, and the Big Red Dude doesn't stand a chance. End of Days was released in 1999.

Conan the Destroyer brings all the fun of a Conan movie, with the bizarre addition of Grace Jones as a staff-wielding uber-female warrior.

Arnie's kind of an afterthought in this one, as the bulk of the action rests on the shoulders of Jason Clarke and Jai Courtney. Terminator Genisys uses CGI to bring older and younger Schwarzeneggers together.

In The Last Stand, Arnie embraces his advancing age as a Southwestern sheriff defending his town from drug runners bent on moving their escaped boss through his town.

Arnie's a firefighter who loses his family to a terrorist act and goes all Dirty Harry looking to exact payment. Collateral Damage came out in 2002.

Raw Deal hit the screens in 1986. Arnold's a former FBI agent turned small-town cop who gets pulled back in to help crack the Chicago mob.

There's not really a plot, per se, in Hercules in New York. Arnie might not even have had learned English at this time.

Arnie's take on Shawshank Redemption here, in Escape Plan, with no Morgan Freeman but a lot more punching.

Whoever came up with this idea: hiring a bunch of aging action stars for one last explosive hurrah, ought to win a medal. Sylvester Stallone directed and starred in 2010's The Expendables.

Sabotage is another fairly generic revenge flick, with Arnie playing a drug agent getting revenge for his slain fellow good guys.

Arnie plays a fairly minor character in this fairly minor version of the story. His character has a wife for every day of the week! Around the World in 80 Days came out in 2004.

Arnie and waifish Abigail Breslin play father and daughter in Maggie. She's caught a zombie plague, and he's determined to stay with her to the end.

It was surprising that the first Expendables movie worked, and even more so that now we're on the third incarnation of the series (fourth to come).

Arnie and DeVito pair up again, and suck Emma Thompson into the mess. In Junior, the big guy is a man who agrees to get pregnant ... all you really need to know.

The Running Man is a favorite Schwarzenegger movie, not for Arnie but for Richard Dawson letting his id out to play as a Machiavellian futuristic game show producer.

Here's an answer to a trivia question: In what movie do Arnie, Jeff Bridges, and Sally Field share screen time? This one. Stay Hungry hit screens way back in 1976.

And now here's another trivia answer: Arnie and Kirk Douglas in a film together! The question: What's special about The Villain?

Now a truly big star, Arnie plays himself in this Kevin Kline comedy about a presidential doppelganger. Dave was released in 1993.

Yep, Arnie starred in this story of one of the last of the Hollywood bombshells - Jayne Mansfield. Odd casting indeed!

Arnie was a bit out of his depth here in this "bunch of B-list stars in one movie" comedy. The cast of Scavenger Hunt included Richard Benjamin, Tony Randall, Cloris Leachman, Scatman Crothers, James Coco, Cleavon Little, and even Meat Loaf.

Terminator Salvation got savaged by the critics, but it's really a great tale with a lot of good young actors.

Blink and you'll miss Arnie in this early role in which he's uncredited as a nameless hood. For him, The Long Goodbye was a quick hello.

The first two went so well, they decided to make another - The Expendables 3 - and word is that there's a fourth in the works. Better lay in some Geritol on the set!

Arnie goes meta here, playing his True Lies character in a "small" film about bonding and childlike innocence. The Kid & I was released in 2005.

In Dr. Doolittle 2, you won't see Arnie, but you'll hear him as the voice of the White Wolf.

This documentary chronicles Arnie's quest for another bodybuilding title. No explosions in The Comeback, but lots of muscles.

Here's perhaps the ultimate trivia question answer: It's a TV movie with Lucille Ball, Art Carney, and Nanette Fabray! And the question: What is Happy Anniversary and Goodbye?

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