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Think you know enough about the Seattle Seahawks? Prove you're not another bandwagon fan with this challenge!

When were the Seahawks’ established?

The Seahawks got their name after about 150 fans sent in their suggestions, and one name was picked in a raffle.


Who is Paul Allen?

Paul Allen saved the Seahawks by buying the team, preventing them from being moved to California!


Who is the Seahawks' current coach?

He has only had one non-football job: after college, he sold wood products for a building materials company. %0D “I botched it up so bad that I didn’t have a future in it.” – Pete


When did wide receiver, Steve Largent retire?

Steve Largent officially retired in 1989. Five years later, the wide receiver’s home state of Oklahoma elected him to the U.S. House of Representatives!


On February 2nd, 1996, Seahawks owner Ken Behring announced that he would what?

Ken Behring’s announcement that he’d soon move his team to L.A. was met with region wide outrage; Behring even received death threats! But the Seahawks never migrated...


Why didn’t Ken Behring move the team to Los Angeles in 1996?

Someone else bought the team! That’s right! Microsoft founder, Paul Allen bought the team and voters pushed for a brand new stadium! (Way to save the day, Paul!)


What is the “12th Man”?

Seahawks fans are collectively known as the team’s “12th Man.” Seahawks fans are noted for their rowdiness and sheer volume. In 2005, the deafening home crowd helped force the visiting New York Giants to commit 11 false start penalties!


In relation to the Hawks, in 2013, what Guinness World Record was set?

The record was set by fans at CenturyLink Field. Hawks rooters emitted the “loudest crowd roar at a sports stadium” ever documented by generating 137.6 decibels’ worth of cheering!


Russell Wilson—all 5-ft. 10-in. of him—became the shortest quarterback to _______?

Russell was the shortest QB to win the Super Bowl in 2014. The Seahawks defeated the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game, sending the Seahawks to Super Bowl XLVIII defeating the Denver Broncos!


Seattle fullback Derrick Coleman is the first _______ offensive player in NFL history.

Derrick Coleman is the first legally deaf offensive player in NFL history. Coleman became deaf when he was three years old! He needs to wear hearing aids while he plays.


What is the name of the real life Hawk that frequents Seahawks home games?

Taima the Hawk has been livening up home games since 2007! Recently, he attracted headlines by unexpectedly swooping into the stands and perching atop a bewildered spectator’s head!


What is the Seahawks logo based off?

A mask made by the regional Kwakwaka’wakw tribe. The designers for the Seattle Seahawks logo were inspired by native Northwest Coast art. The original mask was found on display at a museum in Maine.


Who was the inspiration for the phrase “Legion of Boom”?

He was speaking about dieting on “The Bob and Groz Show” He stated :”I changed my diet up, trying to stay light and run fast but still have a little weight to keep that boom!” From there, the quote was merged with a play on the Legion of Doom death squad.


Who was the player responsible for a 67-yard touchdown run in 2011 nicknamed “beast quake”?

The “Beast Quake” run by Marshawn Lynch in 2011 was picked up by a seismic monitoring station about 100 yards west of Qwest Field had recorded a magnitude somewhere between 1 and 3. This original Seahawks fan created earthquake lasted about 30 seconds!


Due to the extremely loud crowd of Seahawks fans, the Seahawks have led the league in causing the opposing team to _____.

Ever since the team started recording opposing team false starts at home games in 2005, the Seahawks have led the league!


Where does Russell Wilson visit every Tuesday?

In what have become known as "Blue Tuesdays" at Seattle Children's, Wilson will visit sick kids at the hospital for 60 minutes each week. Go Russ!


What was the first season in the NFL for the Seahawks?

The Seahawks were an expansion team in 1976, along with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! Jim Zorn, the quarterback at the time, recalls, “Some of the guys on that team didn’t want to be there. Some of them probably didn’t belong there. But that was our team.” Jim Zorn is now quarterbacks coach for the Kansas City Chiefs!


Who was the first player Seahawks traded for in their franchise history?

The Seahawks traded an eighth-round draft pick to the Houston Oilers for Largent. The Seahawks wound up with the better end of the deal as Largent went on to play for 13 years in the NFL!


Which former Seahawks head coach was the only coach to take three different teams to the NFL playoffs?

Knox guided the Los Angeles Rams, the Buffalo Bills, and the Seattle Seahawks to the playoffs during his tenure as each teams coach.


Which Seahawk was the first draft pick in team history?

He was a defensive tackle from Notre Dame! He was very talented but battle an arm injury repetitively.


In which division did the Seahawks play in their NFL debut season of 1976?

The Seahawks debuted in the NFC West, moved to the AFC West in 1977! The Seahawks are the only team to play in both AFC and NFC!


Who was the original majority owner of the Seattle Seahawks?

The Nordstrom family owned the team until 1988. Lloyd Nordstrom was the family representative that signed the franchise agreement with the league. He died prior to the first game!


Which player wore the jersey number 12 before the Seahawks retired it?

The Seahawks officially retired the No. 12 on Dec. 15, 1984 prior to the team's regular season finale against the Denver Broncos. The number is now solely devoted to fans -- often referred to as the '12th man' -- in recognition of their support.


Who was the first Seattle Seahawks head coach?

Jack Patera, a Minnesota Vikings assistant coach, was named the first head coach in Seahawks history! In 1982, Patera was fired and replaced by Mike McCormack on an interim basis Patera had the team from their beginning until 1982, when Mike McCormack replaced him.


What college campus did the Seahawks first hold training camp?

The Seahawks have spent many summers in Cheney, Wash. The team spent worked out at Eastern Washington University during training camp for 10 seasons before moving to Kirkland. Now, of course, the Seahawks spend their summers on the shores of Lake Washington at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center!


Brian Bosworth and Steve Largent retired in the same year. What year was it?

While Brian Bosworth retired after just three NFL seasons, Steve Largent ended a 14-year career as the NFL's all-time leading receiver. Despite the losses, the Seahawks went on to post a winning record the following year!


Which of the following is NOT true?

While Seahawks fans have caused earthquakes, they do not hold the record for loudest in the NFL! In a game last season, the Kansas City Chiefs fans at Arrowhead Stadium set the new record of 142.2 decibels, besting Seattle's previous record of 137.6 set on a Monday Night Football game against the Saints in 2013.


In a game against the Rams in 1979, the Seahawks set an NFL record for least amount of yards gained in a game. How many yards did the Seahawks rack in that game?

In the worst offensive performance in NFL history, Hawks completed just two passes and managed just one first down. Ouch!


Who was the opposing team the Seahawks played in the Super Bowl of 2015

The Seahawks lost to New England Patriots! Instead of going to their workhorse (Lynch), Seattle called a bizarre pick-play in which Russell Wilson, lined up in a shotgun and standing a few feet from Lynch, tried to hit Ricardo Lockette on a quick slant. The play failed, and caused some major heartache.


The Seahawks' 2010 season was their first under which head coach?

Pete Carroll started with the Hawks in there 2010 season! He has been very successful thus far. Go Pete!


How many yards did Marshawn Lynch rush for in the Super Bowl played on Feb 2nd 2014?

While Seattle's dominant defense was the star of Seattle's 43-8 Super Bowl win over the Denver Broncos, it was fitting that Lynch scored the first touchdown of the game for a team that had leaned on him so heavily to get to that point. Lynch would also score Seattle's opening touchdown a year later in Super Bowl XLIX!


This Seahawks QB was a draft day pick.

Wilson evolved into one of the top quarterbacks in the league and led the Seahawks to a playoff appearance in his first year on the job! After wildly exceeding expectations, Wilson won the 2012 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award and was selected to the 2012 Pro Bowl. Trust in Russ!


Marshawn Lynch can be seen in commercials endorsing what candy?

Marshawn Lynch’s habit of munching Skittles on the sideline became a national obsession as TV cameras caught the Seahawks’ leading rusher doing just that.%0DLynch scored twice against the Eagles and once against the Rams, and was greeted by a shower of Skittles from the stands as exuberant fans celebrated his sweet-toothed success!


Who said, "I'm just here so I won't get fined."?

During the annual Super Bowl media day, Lynch answered every question with some variation of "I'm here so I won't get fined." %0DLynch stayed at his designated podium for 4 minutes, 51 seconds (requirement) and was asked 29 questions. At the 4:51 mark, he said "time," stood up and walked away from the microphone!


What is the name of the official Seattle Seahawks mascot?

Blitz was first introduced in 1998 at the Kingdome! Ryan Asdourian, a Microsoft who has been Blitz since 2006, was revealed to the public as the man behind the mask several years ago when Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer mentioned it.


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